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Day 583, May 2020 CWL

Our clan did really well the last season and we are now getting promoted to Masters 2 for the next season! I’m quite proud of what my clan has achieved this season because it took quite a bit of team work and definitely a lot of upgrading behind the scenes to be able to push to M2. The next challenge […]

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TH13 farming – are miners better?

After evaluating my walls upgrading speed, I switched to miners for now as my walls will complete faster than my heroes. Currently, my main limiting factor is farming DE for heroes as I can easily cap out 14/14mil with only 150-200k DE in my storage. Even if I sacrificed some elixir it wouldn’t impact me much because I would otherwise […]

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Nov 2019 CWL season

Did really well this season unlike the last. I targeted my mirror on every battle instead of hitting up on #2 which probably made a difference. My clan was really weak this season compared to normal but we pulled through and managed to stay in Crystal. All 7 battles below: As my defenses are much stronger now, I’m no longer […]

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Day 336, attack logs from both bases

Attacking in the builder base can be really frustrating at times, at least this day isn’t bad at all. I got my 3 wins within 5 attacks which is great. Sometimes you hit losing streaks in the builder base which just makes you want to quit playing it altogether. Sometimes you lose a ton despite getting 90+% every single attack […]

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Day 138, more logs

Somehow forgotten to take a picture of my base again but took pictures of my attack log so that’s all I can share today One hour boost and I was able to make an insane amount of loot. I had to boost to maximise my power potion otherwise I could only attack 5 times within that one hour. At least […]

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Day 136, only logs here

Didn’t take any pictures of my base today but there aren’t any builders coming free anyway. I just took a bunch of pictures of attack logs, they are not as engaging as live or real attacks but they show a snapshot of the targets I’m aiming for. These are mainly just casual attacks, no serious farming because it is not […]

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Attack log (28/7/2018)

Here’s the million dollar raid I did today: This is the sort of loot you can find and expect in low champs, anywhere from M1 to Champs 3. If you ever think of storage raiding or if there is an event that provides a 90% discount to certain troops, M1 to champs 3 is where you want to be. Champs […]

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Farming with the hog event

With the current hog event, hogs and heals are basically free. Now you can just drop 40-50 hogs and watch them demolish dead and premmie bases. If you have maxed AQ, use this: If you are still upgrading AQ, use this: Make sure you can destroy the base you target, otherwise you will be left with a nearly destroyed base […]

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TH12 attack log (22/7/2018)

Time to showcase what I have been doing these past few days. No videos this time because my best hits were during boosting. After the boost, I did too many attacks and these attacks disappeared from my log, still salty about this. Dead TH12: Ah shit, I didn’t take a picture of the TH. You’ll have to take my word […]

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Attack log (15/7/2018)

First off, I want to show off a video of one raid:   It was after I recorded and uploaded to youtube before I realised that it had no sound at all. I usually play clash without sound at all so having it without sound wasn’t bothering me until it was uploaded to youtube. A youtube video without sound does […]

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Attack log (28/12/2017)

Below are a series of attack logs between different accounts using goblins, just showcasing how I farmed my loot The 2.6k above isn’t a fail, because it was a dead base and I was just sniping external collectors See the 4050? That’s the evidence of a dead base with 3 maxed drills, the easiest bases to hit That 2.9k is […]

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TH11 barching attack log

I dropped my main down to M1-2 last weekend because I wanted to knock on some walls and want to see how was loot like during a weekend and while TH11s just got a new update. And my jaw dropped at the amount of loot I gotten. For context: my main account started 2 upgrades and had 4 walls done […]

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Rusher’s defense log in champs (28/9/2017)

Huh, people say I’ll be crushed in champs. But as a rushed TH11 with TH8-9 defenses, I’m far from being crushed in all my defenses. I’m actually retaining quite a good amount of loot every defense, so why bother upgrading defenses? Because there is no need to. The pictures speak for themselves: And my current base: