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Rusher’s defense log (11/6/2017)

Here’s a post I made in the forums Original text: I cannot understand why people say rushed = wrecked. Over the years of rushing, I have never lost significantly more loot than a maxer would. Sometimes, I even lose much less loot compared to my maxed accounts. There are so many poor attackers in this game that it is more […]

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TH11 Attack log (20/4/2017)

Got up today and did some laloon. I failed twice miserably back to back and grew mad. I really dislike fails which is why I don’t like doing storage raids at all. I usually do laloon because it is quite worth it for a low failure rate army. Unfortunately failed a bit too hard this morning and boosted barracks with […]

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Rushed Account defense log (14/3/2017)

These are the people who hit me the past 2 days: Despite having such rushed defenses, I barely lost anything to attackers. These armies aren’t really joke armies, they are a full war army with a complement of spells. Yet I was only 3 starred once, with a TH11 who has a maxed warden. Who says a rusher is always […]

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Maxed Account defense log (13/3/2017)

I’ve encountered a strange phenomenon. My maxed TH11 has 4 ADs upgrading right now, but this is what my defense log looks like: Multiple air attacks and multiple fails. This leads us back to my previous hypothesis that an overall weaker base is always hit by much weaker attacks who are overconfident and incapable of dealing with your base. Further […]

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TH10 attack log (4/2/2017)

Been using laloon these few days because its more suitable to my schedule: Loot isn’t as good as the previous attack log because I didn’t next too much to find the bases. My best hits are still those dead bases, see that 520k/590k. Live bases are pretty bad for profit because they don’t always have capped loot and that makes […]

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TH10 attack log (24/1/2017)

These are my gains from barcing today: Assume gold = elixir, In 6 attacks I farmed 3.99mil resources and 13,678 DE. Loot bonus = 56k + 240 (Crystal 1) Average loot per raid = 388k gold, 388k elixir and 2520 DE Loot is very good as a TH10, please do yourself a favor and upgrade here asap. Even most TH9/10 […]

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Funny attack fail

Started a little video recording to showcase a defense I got a day ago. I might start uploading my attacks sooner or later 🙂 I’d like criticism and advice on how to improve the quality of the video while reducing lag, I recorded it on my Huawei P8 lite Video: Let’s go through what failed in the attack: Firstly, the […]

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Defense log (17/1/2017)

This is what my defense log looks like today when I woke up. It is from all the way back since I’ve been back from Taiwan, with a 7 day shield I used to protect myself during my vacation. And just look how much loot I lose on average, I always have above loot cap because 3.3mil is way too […]

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SinMini Attack log (16/12/2016)

Not much of an attack log, just going to show what sort of bases I hit for loot Reasonable amount of loot using an ok army. Bases: 9.5, defenseless and dead base. The only types of bases worth attacking right now, even with such a strong army. I keep nexting and attacking, but the best bases tend to be from […]