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Barch Guide (How to use Barch)

Time for the long-awaited guide on how to use barch. This is probably one of the commonest questions I get, how I use barch to ensure I maximise loot and […]

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How to fix my rushed base?

This is one of the most common questions found in reddit. One of the worst advice people give in this situation is “start over” which is dumb. Even the worst rushed base would reach maxed TH12 faster than starting from scratch. Contrary to what people believe, rushing doesn’t result in slower progress, it is actually the inverse. I would only […]

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What TH13 needs

Making a special post today instead of my usual journal entries. Since TH13 is on the horizon, I would like to make a list of things I wish to happen in TH13 and the justification. TH12 was not an entire failure, there were really good things and concepts introduced in TH12 such as siege machines and the giga tesla which […]

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Day 259, CWL rewards

I honestly thought the June update would drop before this CWL finished so that we were restricted in builder potions. But apparently they weren’t ready to release the update so I had another 15 builder potions to use based on this reward. Our team got 3rd place in crystal 2 after being promoted last season. I was a little apprehensive […]

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Day 168, opportunity cost

I’m thinking to make a series of posts, maybe once a week? Targeting things that general people don’t understand. This week’s topic will be regarding opportunity cost. Opportunity cost can be stated as the lost value when you make a choice. Whenever you need to make a choice, A or B, you are losing something. If you chose A, you […]

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The balancing changes we need

Originally wanted to post this in reddit, but in the end thought that it was a good topic to put in my blog instead. Here’s the link to reddit: Link here Main village (the main goal here is to drastically increase the gap between TH levels, and to make all upgrades meaningful so that there will be very few “useless” upgrades)Main […]

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Queen walk needs a nerf

Let me preface it by saying that it is unusual for me to call a nerf to offense, but I think with the recent changes this is sorely needed. With CWL/NDL stats showing that up to 80% of maxed TH11 bases are getting tripled, offense really needs something to reel it back. And we have people saying that “unless it […]

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The balancing changes that really happened

Well, after speculating a ton of changes, the final verdict is out. If you have not seen my post about the buffs I’m hoping, here’s a link: The buffs that TH11 need And the biggest change that occurred is that now infernos will not block heal. There is a more extensive list of changes, but really they’re small. And wtf SC, […]

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The buffs that TH11 need

I actually have this as a draft for 1-2 months now and never finished it because I kept trying to polish it. In light of the new update that will “bring a ton of balancing to TH10 and TH11”, here’s a wishlist of sorts that I have compiled. There is a fundamental problem with the game right now, the problem […]

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Well, we have this event right now and I’m going to show you guys that armies I’m using for the event. Its just 10 battles for 100 gems, sounds very easy enough. Again, I felt that the system should be improved. Instead of flat 10 battles for 100 gems, the rewards should be in steps. There should be 3 stars […]