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My view on engineering

Note: This post does not include how to engineer because the MM constantly changes and I find that anything I write now can be obsolete within a few days. I know its late and its been discussed to death now but being a long time engineer now, I feel that I need to have my input in the matter so […]

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Halloween event!

My country actually does not celebrate Halloween and I really am not sure what the big deal is, but at least we got an event for the festivities 🙂 I’m not complaining For the event, we get 2 new temporary troops and need 20 raids to complete the event. At least this time we have 6 days to complete the […]

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Loot penalty is a myth

Read the following post: Why can’t people understand the benefit of rushing the main base? From Baron Scarpia, a long time reader here: Is rushing a better and quicker way to reach maxed TH11? Whenever I tell anyone to rush, the first thing that comes out from their mouth is usually “but the loot penalty”. This statement alone tells me […]

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When should I upgrade my townhall?

This is a question I receive frequently: “I am TH a, currently defenses so-and-so, barch lvl whatever, heroes whatever. Is it ok for me to rush to the next TH?” Whenever this question comes up, my answer is usually yes because if you can articulate it that way it means you know what is important to mention and probably know […]

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There is no such thing as a “loot bonus” when attacking higher TH levels

Before you read anything I type, read this:   See what the Supercell Mod wrote, there is no such thing as a “loot bonus” when a lower TH level attacks a higher TH level. If that were the case, we would see TH7s getting 600-800k from rushed TH10s, but we don’t. In fact, we see TH7s settling for 200-300k […]

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General Builder Base Advice

The Builder Base is the second base for you to progress after you reach Town Hall level 4. This is a completely separate base with a few ties to the main base which you were previously playing. However, the advantages are not balanced, progressing in the main base doesn’t help with builder base at all whereas progression in the builder […]

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How I farm

I was making an argument in a forum thread, and I think its quite relevant to put it in my blog. The argument is, high league farming is better than lower league collector farming. In which I said, hell no. Here’s what I wrote: 1. When I am free and watching youtube/TV, I start nexting and look for a base […]

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How the Loot System works

There are many doubts, misconceptions and misunderstandings about how the loot system works. I hope with this article, you can learn everything you need to know about the loot system and how to best take advantage of this. This is very basic knowledge of the game but it is never talked about in any tutorials within the game, you need […]

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The Misconception of Intimidation

I’ve posted this more than a year ago, but realised I never added this to my blog, so here it is. Original text: The Misconception of Intimidation In this post update era, everyone is not safe from being attacked. And no base can currently stop any competent attacker from taking a decent portion of your loot I’ve already noted that, […]