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Day 28, maxed lvl8 walls

Well, finally maxed lvl8 walls in good time before I reach TH9 so that I have time to farm till full storages.  And there you go, about 15 raids later my gold is full and my DE is enough for AQ lvl1 and 2. Easy, now how should I protect this loot before I hit TH9? Just buy a shield […]

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TH12 Guide (early,mid,late)

Since TH12 has been introduced 3 weeks ago, its time for me to finally write a guide for TH12. This guide will try to include everyone because people come into TH12 in varying states; from people like me who spent a year as a maxed TH11 to people who rush to TH12 with TH6-8 defenses. I rather much be the […]

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BH8 Guide

Time for the late BH8 guide for those who are going to BH8 late. By now, if you are not already BH8, this guide is for you and definitely you would want to read my newly updated BH7 guide as well. Also, if you are still not at BH8, WHY?! Upgrade to BH8 asap and gain all the benefits of […]

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BH7 Guide

Time to write this guide, it is long overdue. 3 months late to the party and I hope I’m still relevant here Read the new updated BH6 guide if you wish: BH6 guide Now this guide assumes that you are a rushed BH7 with lvl3-5 defenses across the board, lvl1 BM, lvl12 barbs and the rest are the bare minimums […]

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Preliminary BH7 Guide

According to SC, BH7 is going to be released by tomorrow as of posting this. So by 27th Sept 2017, we’ll have BH7 and I’ll jump ahead of the crowd and post my own preliminary guide of this new BH. I’ll give credit where credit is due and say that these patch notes have been the best I’ve seen so […]

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BH6 Guide

Read the previous guide here: BH5 Guide By now, you should have around lvl3-4 defenses, maxed baby drag/beta minions/archers (1 of these), maxed collectors, maxed elixir storage and lvl1 battle machine. As of now that BH6 is the final level, you should finish up all the offensive upgrades that are available and start working on defenses. This guide is a […]

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BH5 Guide

BH5, the current cap of the builder base. For now, this is your current goal to rushing. You get more than double collector loot, much stronger clock tower boost and the battle machine to power up your raids. The earlier you rush to BH5, the faster your progress will be. There is no reason not to rush in the BH, […]

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BH4 Guide

After rushing here, you can start beating up BH3s with ease and not worry about losing. I rushed here and at 1000-1400 cups, won almost every match because I was […]

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TH10 Guide (mid)

Updated: 21/1/2019 This is just an extension of what you previously did in TH9. Once you’re done with all the first and second priority upgrades in early TH10, you can start working on the following upgrades. If you maxed TH9 previously, this section will not help you much because you will only stay here for a short time. A rusher […]

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TH11 Guide (early)

Updated 20/1/2019 Try to bring one Rune of elixir into TH11, doesn’t matter if you don’t have one but it is extremely helpful Finally, after rushing for so long, you’re now at the final penultimate TH and time to catch up everything that you previously neglected. This will actually be a short guide because TH11 is very shallow on content […]

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TH10 Guide (early)

My lord, this guide is so outdated, time to update it Updated: 21/1/2019 After spending almost 2 months in TH10, its time to finish up this guide and teach you all my knowledge as I finish transitioning into TH10 for the 4th time. After a week of TH10 now, I’m quite sure I know what is important and what is […]

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TH9 guide (end)

Here is the place where you finish up all your defensive upgrades and keep on maxing heroes. Diligent rushers who have followed the guide since the beginning would have high enough level heroes that working on them in TH9 just doesn’t make sense anymore. Good rushers would skip this phase and move on straight to TH10. For players who maxed […]