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TH13 Upgrade Priority Guide

Last updated 01 Mar 2020 When to upgrade to TH13 is one of the most common questions I receive. After doing the math and personal experience, I think that you […]

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How to fix my rushed base?

This is one of the most common questions found in reddit. One of the worst advice people give in this situation is “start over” which is dumb. Even the worst rushed base would reach maxed TH12 faster than starting from scratch. Contrary to what people believe, rushing doesn’t result in slower progress, it is actually the inverse. I would only […]

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Pre-TH12 Checklist

Unfortunately TH12 offers almost nothing to a normal player. You need to spend an absurd amount of effort and time upgrading your warden before you become stronger than a TH11. Good news is that giga tesla lvl5 will prevent a lot of 3 stars against you, even with rushed defenses. Unless you are rushing an account for siege machines, you […]

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Pre-TH11 Checklist

“Am I ready for TH11?” Most probably yes, if you’re asking this question. It is almost impossible to screw up by rushing your base, it might make things harder but you can never be stuck with no way to progress. Here’s a quick checklist of what you need before going to TH11. If you have followed my guide, you should […]

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Day 28, maxed lvl8 walls

Well, finally maxed lvl8 walls in good time before I reach TH9 so that I have time to farm till full storages.  And there you go, about 15 raids later my gold is full and my DE is enough for AQ lvl1 and 2. Easy, now how should I protect this loot before I hit TH9? Just buy a shield […]

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BH8 Guide

Last updated: 25 Sept 2019 Being a BH8 is highly advantageous because you automatically gain 84k gold and elixir per day due to of the better collectors. Just by upgrading to BH8 and upgrading collectors, you get almost 3-5 extra leagues worth of loot every day. This makes maxing or overstaying BH7 highly detrimental because you lose a lot of […]

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BH7 Guide

Last updated: 23 Sept 2019 After such a quick BH1-6, BH7 will seem like a slog because you have so much to upgrade. It is a good time now to work on some upgrades BH7 is a offense-oriented level and hence defense actually matters some-what because you need to stop people from 3 starring you before you can get your […]

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Preliminary BH7 Guide

According to SC, BH7 is going to be released by tomorrow as of posting this. So by 27th Sept 2017, we’ll have BH7 and I’ll jump ahead of the crowd and post my own preliminary guide of this new BH. I’ll give credit where credit is due and say that these patch notes have been the best I’ve seen so […]

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BH6 Guide

How did you find yourself here? This guide is outdated, please read the updated guide below: BH5+6 guide By now, you should have around lvl3-4 defenses, maxed baby drag/beta minions/archers (1 of these), maxed collectors, maxed elixir storage and lvl1 battle machine. As of now that BH6 is the final level, you should finish up all the offensive upgrades that […]

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BH5 Guide

How did you find yourself here? Please read my updated guide below: BH5 guide BH5, the current cap of the builder base. For now, this is your current goal to rushing. You get more than double collector loot, much stronger clock tower boost and the battle machine to power up your raids. The earlier you rush to BH5, the faster […]

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BH4 Guide

How did you find yourself here? This guide is outdated, please read the new guide below: BH2-4 guide After rushing here, you can start beating up BH3s with ease and […]