This guide is now obsolete, please read the new guide:

Last updated 4/10/2018

Finally, a good TH to stay for a few days. I personally stayed here for only 5 2 days before my TH turned 6. Lots of good offensive stuff that is unlocked, namely the spell factory, new army camp and new level of barch.

I’ll assume players here have 3 builders, I had 5 which helped greatly.

First priority upgrades:

  1. New army camp. This will quickly increase your troop capacity from 80 to 110 in 2 levels. Continue doing this then max all 3 camps for a whopping 135 camp space – 60% increase from TH4!
  2. Lab. Unlocks upgrades of barbs, archers and goblins lvl 3, the primary troops you’ll use in this TH level.
  3. Walls & traps. Build all of them and spend all your gold into upgrading these new walls.
  4. Spell factory. Only unlocking lightning spell, but be sure you have this ready because the next upgrade will unlock Heal spell, which is the best spell for intermediate TH levels. You will also need this to start your TH upgrade
  5. WT and all new defenses, because you want to start your TH upgrade.
  6. One gold storage. Once lab or SF is done, use the builder for this. You’ll want 750k storage capacity to upgrade to TH6. If you have 4 builders, the 4th one does this immediately as a new TH5.
  7. Town hall, it will take 2 days to upgrade. Use the rest of your builders to work on everything below

Second priority upgrades:

  1. Wizard tower. This will stop hordes of small troops from taking your loot. But usually only TH6s will attack you, and they have the heal spell, so… yeah. That’s why he’s only a second priority upgrade. Moved to priority 1
  2. All the other storages. You’ll want 1mil/1mil capacity as a new TH6, you’ll know why…
  3. Barracks. Time to grit your teeth and do them 1 at a time. They’ll max or they won’t doesn’t really matter. You’ll only really need one maxed barracks for wizards this TH and healers the next. Ignore this for now, all lvl3-4 are fine.
  4. Splash defenses. WT and mortar has a level each, if you haven’t reached TH6, just do them, as if they’ll help.

Third priority upgrades:

  1. What are you still doing in TH5? If you’re still here, please focus on what is important, the Town Hall.
  2. Collectors. Just do them if you have spare time, they’re more worth it than defenses because they have consistent loot output, while defenses are a consistent waste of gold.
  3. Air defenses and point defenses.


Following this guide, you’ll only be in TH5 for less than a week. My recommended path would be:

Barbs > Arch > Gobs > Wiz > Lightning > loons


You should be doing walls throughout TH5. It isn’t hard considering you only need around 3.5mil 2.5mil gold to max them all, just do them every time your builder comes free. Almost every upgrade I recommend are elixir upgrades, leaving most of your gold free to dump into walls.



Nothing much to it. Mass barbs is still the way to go. Try to aim for at least 150k gold/elixir or 200k combined. Yeah, if this is your second account, loot sucks for TH5.

Recommended stay: <1 week 3 days

Recommended upgrades done: All first priority upgrades and WT lvl1. Barch lvl3 for troops


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