Last updated: 24 Sept 2019

Now that you’ve reached TH7, you unlock one of the greatest things in this game, which is the season challenge. With just $5/month, you can earn $200-300 worth of value per month. Think long and hard whether you want to spend the money on this game. I still think the builder packs you start out with in TH2 is more worth it than the season pass, because those are long term upgrades while the season pass lasts only a month. If it is already nearly end of the month (>16th) then I don’t recommend buying it for now, but if it is early then buy it if you wish. Its hard not to shell out and buy these packs so think about how the last few day’s of play have been, if you like the game and would play long term, feel free to spend and really boost your progress.

TH7 guide:

TH7 is the first time you unlock dark elixir, the fuel for your heroes. Yes, you also unlock your first hero, the Barbarian king who is the weakest among the three. Nonetheless, as a new TH7, you will find him really strong after getting him. If you are a veteran to the game, feel free to rush ahead to TH8. This guide is intended for first time players/rushers who want to take some time upgrading a few things before upgrading the town hall.

First priority upgrades:

  1. Army camp #4 to level 2. This instantly increases your army strength by 30-40% within the first hour of TH7. If you have 4-5 builders, use the same builder to upgrade it to lvl5 straightaway, otherwise leave it at level 2 for now.
  2. Barracks #4 to level 2. This will increase your troop training time to match the increased army camp size. Leave it at level 2 for now so that you can train barbarians and archers (barch).
  3. Build your 50 new walls, 2 new cannons, new archer tower, 2 new small bombs, new giant bomb and new seeking air mine. Build everything that takes less than a minute.
  4. Whenever you have spare gold, put all your gold into walls. There are almost no gold upgrades here. It will take about 22mil gold to max out walls. You should be able to max out walls easily since everything else costs more than 22mil elixir
  5. Lab. You need to upgrade your lab asap so that you can upgrade your barbarians and archers. This will take 12 hours. Upgrade archers to lvl4 first before upgrading barbarians to lvl4.
    • Archer lvl4 > Barb lvl4 > wallbreaker lvl3 > wallbreaker lvl4
  6. Dark elixir storage. You need to build this before you can earn enough dark elixir (DE) to build your new barbarian king.
  7. Barbarian king. As soon has you acquire 10k DE, build your barbarian king so that you can start using him and can upgrade to TH8. Afterwards, whenever you have enough DE, upgrade barbarian king instead of anything else.
  8. Dark elixir drill lvl1. Some form of passive income is good, so build at least a level 1 DE drill
  9. Army camp #4 to lvl5 then all 4 army camps to lvl6. Upgrading your weakest army camp would allow you to bring 180 troops into battle relatively quickly. After that use one builder to spend 2 days bringing all 4 army camps to max.
  10. Spell factory lvl3, unlocking rage spell is good. Once you have this, feel free to bring 2 heal + 1 rage into raids. Try not to use them much because they cut into your income,
  11. DE storage lvl2. You want this to upgrade your BK beyond level 2.

Second priority upgrades

  1. New defenses: new mortar, new air defense, 2x teslas. These greatly improve your defense power even at level 1 so build them. Don’t need to upgrade them yet
  2. DE drill to lvl3. This improves your passive DE income so that you can upgrade more BK levels as soon as possible
  3. Dark barracks to lvl2. You won’t train any dark troops anytime soon, especially since you want all your DE into barbarian king. But some day this building will be useful. Build and upgrade it to lvl2.
  4. Once you reach here, you should have done all offense buildings, have at least lvl1 BK, maxed your DE storage, drill. Barbarians and archers should be at level 4 or upgrading to lvl4. Now, you can upgrade your town hall. You may need to upgrade your gold storage to lvl10/10 before you can upgrade

Third priority upgrades: (upgrade these while waiting for the town hall)

  1. To repeat, whenever you have enough DE to upgrade BK, upgrade him.
  2. Upgrade walls whenever you have extra gold
  3. Gold and elixir storage to lvl11. You want the extra storage for TH8 later on
  4. Upgrade one barracks as high as possible. It should be around lvl7-9 depending on your builder count and how much you upgraded it previously. Leave the remaining 3 barracks at lvl2-4.
  5. You might still have time while waiting for the town hall, so upgrade your gold mines and elixir pumps evenly. Upgrade all to the same level
  6. It doesn’t matter that all your defenses are level 1 because they are weak and useless even when upgraded anyway. DON’T upgrade defenses

Farming: Its time to graduate from using pure barbarians to barch (barbarian + archers). Fill up your camps with about 40-50% barbarians and the remainder will be archers. Similar to previous town halls, look for dead bases with exposed collectors. You want to target at least 200-300k each per raid. Drop a line of barbarians on the collectors followed by a line of archers behind. Do it on all sides with collectors and you should easily get the loot.

For DE, try to look for bases with the DE storage located near the edge of the base. Target at least 600 DE per raid and improve on that as you get better/your offense improves.

Just search youtube for “4-finger technique” to see how to deploy barch to maximise loot and destruction. Don’t worry about getting 2-3 stars when farming, as long as you get the loot, its a win.

Duration: 4-10 days should be enough to finish everything here. If you are reading this guide halfway through your TH7 journey, just make sure that:

  • Dark elixir storage (lvl2) and DE drill (lvl3)
  • Lab is maxed (lvl5)
  • Army camps are all maxed (lvl 6)
  • Spell factory is maxed (lvl3)
  • Dark barracks is lvl2
  • Barbarian king at least lvl1
  • Clan castle lvl3 (20 space)
  • Barbarians lvl4 and Archers lvl4

Once all these are done, move on to TH8

TH8 guide:

Town hall 8, like previous even-numbered town halls, is very defense focused and you don’t gain much offense unfortunately. The worst thing about TH8 is that TH9 is offense-centric, this allows TH9s to crush even the strongest TH8 with punitive ease. This is why you are not wasting time on building defense because everyone will still destroy you with the strongest defense you have. The funny thing is, as soon as you reach TH9, you can build 2 x-bows which are stronger than half of all TH8 defense upgrades combined.

TH9 also unlocks a ton of new stuff making TH8 very bad to stay in. This is why we are going to skip almost the entirety of TH8 so that we can jumpstart important upgrades which will matter in the long run. Thus, TH8 is going to last about as long as TH7.

First priority upgrades:

  1. Lab lvl6, you want this to upgrade barch lvl5 which gains a ton of stats. Once lab is complete, upgrade archers to lvl5 then barbs to lvl5.
  2. Clan castle lvl4. +5 extra troops, why not.
  3. Use your 3rd builder to build all 50 walls, new storages to lvl1-2, new archer tower, new spring traps, new air bombs, new giant bombs, new seeking air mines and new skeleton traps. Build everything that is almost free first then use this builder to work on more defenses.
  4. Use the same builder as above to build your new mortar, wizard tower, tesla (9 hours in total) then finally your new bomb tower. If you have at least 4 builders, use the 4th to start the bomb tower first because it takes the longest.
  5. Whenever you can afford the DE, upgrade your BK no matter what. If you can, bring him to lvl5 but don’t worry if you can’t.
  6. Consider upgrading your dark elixir storage if you already have lvl5 BK and need the extra storage for BK upgrades.
  7. Dark spell factory lvl1. Building this will allow you to use the poison spell, a really useful spell. You can bring this into every raid along with your 2 heals and 1 rage.
  8. Dark elixir drill #2 level 3. Just build and upgrade your new DE drill to produce more income.
  9. Upgrade walls as you get gold, there aren’t many gold upgrades remaining. Walls in this town hall costs 65.8mil which probably exceeds your elixir cost, don’t worry if your walls are not maxed. Don’t let it prevent you from upgrading to TH9
  10. Dark barracks #2 to lvl1. You need this to upgrade your town hall.
  11. DE storage to max. You need the 80k cap really badly for TH9
  12. If you have >4 builders, upgrade your town hall now

Second priority upgrades:

  1. Depending on your DE farming speed, you may want to stop upgrading BK now. If possible, try to farm at least 62.5k DE or even 80k for TH9. Archer queen costs 40k + 22.5k for levels 1 and 2 so the more DE you bring, the better.
  2. Gold and elixir storage to max. You need the 6mil cap for lots of early upgrades in TH9. Use 2 builders, one each on one gold and elixir storage until both are maxed. It will take about 2 days to max them.
  3. If you have 3 builders, upgrade your town hall now.
  4. Dark spell factory to lvl2. Just unlock the earthquake spell, it will be no use to you right now.
  5. Dark barracks #1 to lvl4. You just need one high level dark barracks just in case. Leave the second dark barracks at lvl1
  6. Barracks #1 as high as possible. Similarly, try to unlock as many troops as possible, even at lvl1. Certain events require these troops and having them would allow you to complete these events. You can leave the other barracks at lvl2-4
  7. Put any spare builders to upgrade your gold mines and elixir collectors. Upgrade them evenly (all to lvl6 before lvl7 etc). If you have to choose, I would prioritise elixir collectors first.

I was way ahead in TH8 because I made the mistake of overstaying TH8. I wanted to get a lvl10 BK which in turn resulted in me losing 1-2 weeks of archer queen (AQ) progress. I would rather have lvl5 BK and lvl5-10 AQ than to have lvl10 BK and no AQ. The town hall upgrade also used to take much longer, at 7 days. Now its only 4 days which is far better.

Farming: keep to barch and look for dead bases. You may want to try and get 1-2k DE per raid so that you can get the 62.5k necessary for TH9

Duration: 6-14 days is more than enough to finish everything important in TH8.

If you are halfway through TH8 and not sure if you should upgrade to TH9, just read my check list. If you have all the minimum requirements, upgrade to TH9

Pre-TH9 checklist

TH9 guide


  1. Any specific league we should be targeting to farm in by this point? Current about to be TH7 and I’m sitting in silver 3. Finding it difficult to get higher in trophies as I’m constantly losing battles just picking off dead bases. Awesome guides by the way


  2. Hey, just wondering when you would start using books, because of season pass i have over 40k DE and don’t really know what to do?


    • At lower levels, only use books if you have another one coming up. For example, if you are getting a book from an event and you have one in your storage, then just use one on your longest available/most important upgrade. If you don’t use the book, you lose it instead and that’s worse


  3. Hi, sin of dusk,
    What league should I be in for town hall 8 if I want to maximise my farming?
    Thanks for this guide I’ve made such good progress in such a short amount of time


  4. No maxing your village is very important after you upgrade to th8 because if you don’t max that town hall it will be a big disaster as it would be very hard to max as most of people take one year sometimes but if you play for fun go on.


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