This guide is now outdated, please find my new guide here:

TH7 and TH8 guide

Last updated on 15/10/2018

Finally, a decent TH to stay at. Unlocking the 4th camp, lvl4 barch, bk, DE drills are all the solid points of this TH. This TH is a good foundation to max if you desire. Don’t max this TH level as well. For the sake of the guide, it will be about rushing, as maxing is just adding defensive levels at the end of the TH level.

I’ll assume you have 3 builders to start out, but having the 4th would be very good while working on these upgrades and especially the beginning of TH8. You’ll want maxed elixir when you come into this TH, gold is optional, but the more you have means more walls you can build.

First priority upgrades:

  1. Lab. You’ll want lvl4 barch asap and other lvl4 troops
  2. Dark elixir storage. This is a must because you want to have your nice barbarian king to aid in raids.
  3. New walls, new traps, new AT, cannon. Then spend all your gold into upgrading those walls until you’re broke. Then put builder #3 on new Army camp > barracks lvl1>2 > Army camps till maxed. Basically this builder will be in charge of army camps until you have 200 camp space.
    • See how efficient rushing is, by skipping TH6, you get the ability to have 30 extra camp space within the first hour of TH7 instead of wasting days to get 15 camp space in TH6.

Second priority upgrades:

  1. Barbarian king. As soon as you have 10k DE, build him.
    • Always upgrade hero instead of whatever you are planning if you have the DE. So if you planned to upgrade spell factory, but have 12.5k DE, upgrade BK to lvl2 instead.
  2. Dark elixir drill. Do this after the storage and max this. Your current dark storage can save enough for lvl2 BK which is usually enough while you can work on drills to produce passive DE income. Do dark storage after this drill is maxed
    • Alternatively, if your DE storage is full and you cannot farm more, upgrade DE storage instead of drill.
  3. Spell factory. Do this after lab, having rage is a plus whenever you have valks or bowlers in your cc. On your own troops, the spell probably won’t help much, but lvl3 SF also gives you 6 spell capacity, meaning that you can bring 3 heals for your giants or cc hogs.
  4. New defenses: mortar, air defense. No need to upgrade their level, just lvl1 so that you can build/copy a new TH7 base from the internet. No need to do teslas just yet, because the enemy can’t see it. Build tesla as soon as you have everything above done.
  5. Barbarian king. Whenever you finally get 10k DE, be proud and build your barbarian king (BK). He’ll be a great help in farming. Keep upgrading him whenever you have enough DE to do so.
  6. Barracks. Upgrade your new barracks from lvl2 and catch up to your other barracks (around lvl7/8), then upgrade one of them to lvl9 to unlock dragons. Upgrade the rest while you work on other buildings.
  7. Dark barracks. When you’re done with 1-3, and have one builder working on barracks already, then build your dark barracks. You won’t use it now, but afterwards it may be crucial.
  8. Gold and elixir storages. They’re 2 days each and you have 4, cheap to do and well worth their cost. You want these done so that you have bring as much resources as you can into TH8 or for general storage between builders.

Third priority upgrades:

  1. Teslas and all <1 day upgrades. Teslas are 1 day for 34 dps, well worth their first level. Catch up all other defenses which take less than 1 day to complete.
  2. If you’re still at TH7, then slowly work on mortars and WT, up till max.
  3. Air defenses and tesla. You should be at TH8 by now.


As usual, keep doing them as you raid for resources. You should be tagetting at least full pinks (lvl6) to half purples (lvl7).


Arch lvl4> Barb lvl4 > Giants to lvl4 > goblins to lvl4 > Loons to lvl4 > Wiz/heal/rage (those 3 in any order) > anything (you should be at TH8 by now)


Barch is all you need still. Look for collector raids which yield >300-400k each and wreck them, hitting DE drills is preferable too because you want to fuel for BK. To collect DE, pack your cc with giants/valks/hogs/bowlers and use them properly to get your DE. You are aiming for >600 DE found within a TH7 base to raid. The better you are, the more DE you should be targeting per raid.

Look at my TH7 journal entries to see basics on what troops I use to farm.

Recommended stay time: 1 to 3 weeks

Minimum upgrades: All first and second priority upgrades. Max army camps, maxed barch. At least lvl1 BK


This was my base before it turned TH8. Defenses looked horrendous, but offense wise all good. I had lvl4 barch and giants only, the rest are all lvl3 and lvl1s. Overall, experience in TH7 felt must better than TH6, the added offense, unlocking the first hero, good barch upgrades made it much more satisfying than TH6. Whenever you have maxed TH7 barch and 200 camp space, just obliterate TH6s from time to time for fun. Just circle your barbs around their base followed by a circle of your archers, you’ll find that you can 100% them most of the time easily.


  1. Awesome work Sin, been following this since you started it. My mini is as far as yours, though it has it’s own plan for upgrading and strategic rushing XD. Loot flowing in faster than I can spend it using same strats as you.

    My main has been maxing from the start and while it is fun, strategic rushing makes more sense in allmost every aspect maybe apart from warring. Loot retention is even easier as you attract poor attackers giving you shield without taking all your loot.

    Just to let you know your work here and on forums is followed and appreciated, I have recommended your blog and guides to the newer users in my clan and they play more because they enjoy the game more.

    Thank you,



  2. Nice guide. I might start an account and rush it again to th9 and then th11(i already rushed my main to th9). I just dont agree with one thing. Why not lvl up ads. You might not get hit by air alot, but it will help. Also, i recommend joining a war farming clan, cause you can make alot of loot with just 2 attacks(might not be that much at th7, but at anything for th6 and below it will help alot).

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks for your comment! About ADs, its all about timing. They’re the longest upgrading defense in lower levels for the least returns. Any and every defense is useful, but doing them later means I can skip ahead to TH9 earlier.

      Thanks for reminding me about war farm, I’ve totally forgotten about them. I’ll join one as soon as my new TH8 has lvl5 barch and can be independent 🙂


  3. very nice sin this guide really helped me, I have one concern though: one of your advices for us here is to “just obliterate TH6s from time to time for fun”. Well I don’t think that’s very nice. TH7s are much more stronger than TH6, it isn’t even fair.

    but anyway thank you !!


  4. Hey Sin! I found your website 2 days ago and I have read all of your journal entries up to TH9! I really appreciate what you are doing and I even say you should make ANOTHER account as well, just for noobs. Anyways, what troop levels did you have when you left TH7???


    • I have thought of that as well because TH12 just reduced the cost of everything and made rushing much easier than before. I think only barch, giants, wb and loons maxed (lvl4)


      • Ok thanks dude! That means I can now rush to TH8! I hope you maintain this blog coz I love it!!!! Just one quick recommendation though. Can you possibly make it so that you can put photos onto the comments so people can send you their bases for various reasons? That would be nice! Otherwise, everything is great because nowadays you rarely ever find active CoC webisites ☹

        Liked by 1 person

  5. Hi Sin, I’ve read from all your general guides. I really enjoy your work but I got a question about rushing: what is your opinion about leaving many defenses on lv 1, and only max upgrade air defenses, tesla, x bow, inferno and E.A? I’ve read that March update changed a lot about war weight and its algorithm.


  6. Hi SinOfDusk

    I used to play CoC years ago, but lack of progression, a limited data plan as a high school kid and the fact that all my friends stopped playing made me stop as well. One month ago I reinstalled it and I’m liking it a lot so far! I’d like to get to the “real deal” pretty quick, as I can farm a lot. You can find a picture of my base right now (I’m TH7, started over) here: (link leads to a Dutch image hoster, my game is also in Dutch).

    I’d like to start my TH8 upgrade as I want to get to TH9 ASAP (I really want the queen!), and TH8 doesn’t look very promising so I’d like to get through it quickly. My clan has problems with that though so I’d like to ask your opinion on my base and what I should upgrade certainly before moving up. I’m now bringing Archer to 4 – Barb is 4 already and wanted to max Giant as well as I like to use some Giants in my barch army, but the rest I don’t use anyway now so I was thinking of start the upgrade in a couple of days from now on. As you can see, my walls are all purple and have been for several days now so I’m just slowly building things as I farm way more than I can actually spend.

    Could you provide me with some tips? I would be very happy 🙂


  7. Hey Dusk, I have an alt account it’s a max TH6 and I would like to follow the guide about this interesting strategy. Wish me luck!


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