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Hidden Tesla

The hidden tesla (abbreviated to “tesla”) is a defense that is unlocked in TH7. As with its name, it is hidden in the beginning of the battle and only “pops up” under certain conditions. The first way to activate a tesla is to come too close to one. If you are within 6 tiles of a tesla, it activates and […]

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Builder base early game (BH5-6)

Builder hall 5 is where you unlock the builder machine (BM), currently the only hero in the builder base. It is a unique hero compared to the main base, because you can reuse its ability multiple times, regenerating health each time it is used. You can use the electric hammer once per 15 seconds and it increases damage for 3 […]

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Builder base early tutorial (BH2-4)

Read my General BH advice before reading this. You want to rush asap in this section of the game. The earlier you rush, the faster you gain loot, the faster you progress and the stronger you become. Rushing quickly becomes a strong positive feedback loop which allows you to snowball your advantage. The in-game tutorial will bring you to BH2 […]

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Day 340, Sept season start

Yay, free loot! Some people complained about free loot in the forums and reddit alike. For those who don’t know, you have something called the “loot cap” where you cannot lose more loot from your storages after a certain amount. At TH11/12, your loot cap is 4.5mil. This means you will lose maximum amount of loot from your storage after […]

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End of Summer sale

Finally, a set of packs that are good, let me breakdown all of them so that you can make an informed decision on which packs are good. Note the prices are in MYR, I will discuss them in terms of USD which is 4 times stronger (USD100 = MYR400). I’ll start from left to right: Tl;dr: buy the 4th pack […]

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Pre-TH10 Checklist

“Am I ready for TH10?” These are the minimum upgrades you want to reach TH10. If you follow my TH9 guide, you will complete more than what’s stated here. Necessary/highly recommended upgrades: Lab lvl7 Spell factory lvl4 Clan castle lvl5 Barbarian and archers lvl6 Xbows lvl1/1 All army camps lvl7 BK and AQ at least lvl5 DE storage lvl6 DE […]

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Pre-TH9 Checklist

“Am I ready for TH9?” is one of the most common questions in clash of clans. People would tell you that you should upgrade after you completely max TH8. That is a stupid advice because you waste hundreds of millions of elixir and a ton of time doing so. This serves as a quick checklist for TH8 players when contemplating […]

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Pre-TH7 Checklist

This serves as a quick checklist to ensure that you have everything important done before jumping to TH7. If you follow my guides, you would complete more than the list below. All 3 army camps lvl5 (135 space) Lab lvl4 Clan castle lvl3 Spell factory lvl2 All 3 barracks at least lvl2 Barbarians lvl3 Archers upgrading to lvl3 Gold and […]

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Day 270, being “rushed” isn’t a bad thing

People are often ashamed to be called “rushed” and it is one of the most common ways to insult someone in clash. This has always been weird to be because I don’t view rushed as a derogatory term. In fact, people in reddit always go to great lengths to avoid called someone “rushed” when they are nearly maxed. To me, […]

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Day 267, grinding heroes again

Just saw that I have a huge backlog of pictures to post on this day so I will post pictures instead of discussing about troops. This picture was taken within the 3rd day of the June update. I spent some gems to complete AQ 62 immediately and used a rune of DE to upgrade her again AQ going to lvl63, […]

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Day 240, first day of the June update

This picture obviously wasn’t taken on 18th of June, but rather one month ago. Stay tuned for an update to my progress on the first day of the update. The progress will follow SinOfDusk who is farming full speed ahead to max heroes asap. I don’t know anything much about the update except that I need to farm hard to […]

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Day 237, million dollar raid

Starting out by showing off my good loot raid. I was using goblins to drop trophies I think, came across this and mentally kicked myself for not having barch. Was still able to get most of the loot which was fine. Seriously, having maxed heroes are such a great boon, can’t wait for max them out again and use OP […]

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Day 233, Gladiator queen

Hopefully the update drops soon because I have been overflowing DE for the last month. This account will take heroes slowly while I grind out SinOfDusk and MiniSin first, nonetheless I would expect myself maxing AQ and warden again within 3-4 weeks. This picture was taken on 16th of May and I completed the entire list now. It is almost […]