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Day 225+226, warden finally maxed

First two pics showing me maxing my warden was taken on 8th of May, while the following pics were taken on the next day because I forgotten to take more pictures on the 8th Upgrade to lvl30? Yes yes yes! I can’t wait either, so he’s now maxed. With a 70% boost to my barch army, it allows me to […]

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Day 221, tons of logs

Just going to show off all the upgrades I’ll be doing first. Book of buildings is usually only worth it for 14 day upgrades, but upgrading barracks mean I farm slower which is worse. This is why besides using them on 14 day upgrades, using BoB on barracks (at least for the last 2 levels) is quite worth it. I’m […]

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Day 220, BK to lvl36

Just a quick update here, spent all my loot into walls. I was also able to dump my DE into BK. He’s the only real place I can dump DE now, that’s why it is overflowing all the time. Once BK is closer to max, I might change to using mass bowitch but now I need the extra loot from […]

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Day 219

Sorry, being too busy these days. I’m doing my thesis write up along with its corresponding presentations as well as writing cover letters for job applications. Expect my posts to be erratic as I get whatever free time to write these blog posts Anyway, I’m quite keen to get this month’s gold pass reward especially with AQ’s skin. The quests […]

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Day 218, AQ is maxed, time for new season pass

While I still have the season pass active, I will use the 20% discount to upgrade wallbreakers in lab. They are one of the best upgrades for TH12 since everything else doesn’t grow well enough. At least I can break TH9 walls more easily now. Luckily I managed to start this upgrade before they dole out the season bank rewards… […]

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Day 212, lots of lab upgrades

Time to do a ton of lab upgrades now that I have my lab free. It was upgrading bowlers to lvl3 previously. First upgrade, electro dragons and I will use a book here Then I buy the second most efficient thing in the league shop Now I have maxed electro loon which is a maxed war army for TH12. This […]

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Day 210, back from vacation

Ah, finally from a 5 day vacation which was a great relief from work. Working a 70-80 hour work week is real crazy and I constantly still have work to do at home. Now hopefully I have recharged and can work harder as well as play harder. Warden is only going to lvl23 right now which actually reminds me that […]

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Day 207

Lots of rewards stacked up in the season pass, mostly magic items and loot there. Need to farm hard for the next level of AQ, no upgrades done today actually. I still need almost 1.1mil DE to upgrade queen to max and time is ticking. If I can’t finish AQ before the season pass ends, I will need to farm […]

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Day 200, TH12!

Timely! Got to TH12 after playing the game for 200 days. Its not probably not exact as I might have made a few calculation mistakes but it should be close enough. I wonder if people can even reach mid-maxed TH9 as maxers in 200 days of starting the game, its probably impossible. Finally, the last town hall. Its like reaching […]

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Day 194, defense logs

Still waiting for the TH upgrade, nothing really happening here. I’m upgrading collectors now because of the huge discount they got and these are definitely more worthwhile than upgrading any defense. 6 days to go for the town hall and 4 days for BK. I’ve decided not to upgrade BK again and will let my DE overflow Walls: Lvl11: 110*4mil […]

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Day 193, short upgrades while waiting for TH12

Just another day of upgrading, lots of short upgrades and sometimes I forget to take a picture of my base. It gets annoying sometimes, trying to remember that. Anyway, I’m maxing my final gold storage after it has gotten its discount, can’t say no to extra gold. Bk going to lvl35 now and my de is going to explode before […]

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Day 191, discounts on everything

Its crazy that everything has become cheaper and there was a further discount in the gold pass. In my impression, I only thought the builder discount only included gold/elixir. I never thought that hero DE cost and walls would become cheaper! I also somehow didn’t think that builder upgrade timers were buffed too! It was crazy when I found out […]

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Day 182, farming 10mil elixir

Well, after getting my book of heroes I will need to use it up. Time to farm 10mil elixir to finish my warden for now. I made a mistake here, namely that I didn’t upgrade to TH12 asap, my town hall isn’t even upgrading! If I at least started my TH12 upgrade now, I would have less aq and warden […]

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Day 157, Everything must go!

Did a gold storage upgrade instead of BK despite having enough DE because I wouldn’t have any free builders otherwise. Bought the “everything must go” pack which contained 1 book of everything, 1 book of heroes, 3 builder potions and 5mil gold. It really has some crazy value for just USD$10, no question at all whether or not to buy […]

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Day 156, warden lvl13

Wow, new offers. This is going to be a theme for the next few weeks with new offers coming in every few days. Among these offers, the 3rd one costing rm39.9 (USD$10) is the definitely the most worthwhile. It gives around 21 days of value and 3 builder potions. Gold rush is definitely a scam because 2 builder potions don’t […]