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Day 157, Everything must go!

Did a gold storage upgrade instead of BK despite having enough DE because I wouldn’t have any free builders otherwise. Bought the “everything must go” pack which contained 1 book of everything, 1 book of heroes, 3 builder potions and 5mil gold. It really has some crazy value for just USD$10, no question at all whether or not to buy […]

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Day 156, warden lvl13

Wow, new offers. This is going to be a theme for the next few weeks with new offers coming in every few days. Among these offers, the 3rd one costing rm39.9 (USD$10) is the definitely the most worthwhile. It gives around 21 days of value and 3 builder potions. Gold rush is definitely a scam because 2 builder potions don’t […]

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Day 152, life getting busier

Didn’t take a picture of the last 3 days. Life just got really busy now so I need to actively remember to take pictures of my base. I will be extremely busy up till almost end of June so I hope I still have time to play and post in my blog. This is now 3 days since yesterday’s post, […]

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Day 130, upgrading barch

Bowlers lvl2 complete, so now I need to upgrade my farming troops. The hp above isn’t truly correct because this picture was taken almost a month ago. Now barbarians lvl8 gain a 50% increase in health, the biggest boost in any troop from TH10-12. Frankly, every single troop should have this much increase in strength but I wouldn’t complain with […]

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4th month, TH11!

Day 122 Few important first upgrades as a new TH11: Warden lvl1 then lvl2 immediately, draining all my elixir Eagle to max because there are no other gold upgrades available. Besides that, I built the new wizard tower, archer tower and cannon. Rune of elixir: Hmm, actually I would be wasting 1.1mil elixir. Maybe after upgrading a few walls? Much […]

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Day 116, another BK level

Right after starting an AQ upgrade yesterday, I farmed enough for BK now. Now I have 4 days to farm another 50k or so DE, too easy. AQ will take another 170k or so though, so she will be a little tougher. Progress is pretty good here, I’m quite happy with the amount of hero levels I can churn out. […]

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Day 94, TH10 troops

I have always said “troops before TH10 don’t matter” and I have a good reason for saying that. Maxing lab in TH9 for example really hurts your progress because none of the troops will be anywhere decent for a good player in TH10. Every useful TH10 troop is unlocked in TH10 itself, namely miners, bowlers and bat spell. Funny thing […]

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Day 93, another offer

Hmm, 6 new offers today. The Xmas offers were really crazy, I bought 2 out of the 3 sets of value packs AQ still going to 30, these upgrade timers are really killing me. I can’t believe it used to take a week after lvl15. In the past, heroes took 151 days to reach lvl30. I can’t believe that I […]

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Day 85, lab work

First barracks is maxed now, I can finally train miners. With only 1 barracks though, mass miners will take 1 hour 20min to train. Definitely not even going to try Well, I’ll start healers now because eventually (many months later), I will probably use queen walk to attack for fun. When queen is maxed, efficiency really isn’t an issue anymore […]

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Day 81, BK upgrading

Another boring day but take note that I have already farmed about 90k DE since yesterday, DE is crazy easy to farm which is why I always say it is dumb and stupid to be farming at lower levels when higher levels have such good DE. Imagine if I maxed out, I would’ve still been a TH7! Since my DE […]

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Day 50, starting work on collectors

Merry Xmas everyone, hope everyone is doing fine. I’m just enjoying this public holiday at home. Had to work yesterday and going to work tomorrow Now since my offenses are nearly maxed, its time to try and do some collector upgrades. Offense > resources > defenses is always what I follow, and is what you should always say. You can […]

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Day 19, beginning of the TH8 “grind”

Righty, another day at TH8 and I have accumulated enough DE for another BK level. BK lvl6-10 takes a mere 7.5 days to max! Ridiculous. The time reduction is actually really huge for low levels so there is really no excuse to neglect heroes till the end now. Even so, maxing TH8 still does not justify delaying heroes. It still […]

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Day 13, new farming base

Well, changed to a full TH7 farming base after building all the new stuff. Unfortunately, it isn’t enough to stop most if not all attacks by other people 😦 Oh well, stopping attacks isn’t important. The most important thing is that I’m making more gold/elixir than I can spend. DE is the only issue but that is because I’m a […]

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Journal (TH12 day 33)

Well, another day of upgrades. I’m now farming super hard because my heroes are now almost done. Did 2 hero upgrades today, warden lvl29 and bk lvl57. As I expected, in the reddit thread “how is your th12 going”, most people have low level heroes and are still justifying how good high leagues are. Even if they didn’t gem, they […]