“Am I ready for TH9?” is one of the most common questions in clash of clans. People would tell you that you should upgrade after you completely max TH8. That is a stupid advice because you waste hundreds of millions of elixir and a ton of time doing so.

This serves as a quick checklist for TH8 players when contemplating the TH9 upgrade. In reality, whatever you have in TH8, even if everything is level 1 is good enough to reach TH9. It is impossible for you to screw up by rushing. However many players are still apprehensive so just make sure all these are done and you’re all set.

If you have read my TH7+8 guides, you would certainly have enough upgrades completed.

  1. Army camps lvl6 (maxed at 200 troop space)
  2. Lab lvl6 (maxed)
  3. Barch (barbarians and archers) lvl5
  4. Spell factory lvl3 (maxed)
  5. Clan castle lvl4 (maxed)
  6. Dark elixir storage lvl4 (maxed at 80k capacity)
  7. Gold and elixir storage lvl11/11/11 (maxed at 6mil/6mil capacity)
  8. Both DE drills lvl3 (maxed)

Feel free to upgrade to TH9 once all the above are completed

There is no minimum defense requirement, everything at level 1 is fine.

There is no minimum trap requirement, everything at level 1 is fine.

There is no minimum collector (gold mine and elixir collector) requirement.

For all other troops than barch, there is no minimum requirement

Some optional upgrades: (its ok if you don’t have these and it probably won’t help you either)

  1. One barracks lvl7-10, the other three can be lvl2-4
  2. One dark barracks lvl4, the other can be lvl1
  3. Barbarian king lvl5
  4. Dark spell factory lvl2
  5. Wallbreakers lvl5

Once you’re done, read my TH9 guide


  1. Hey so my current TH8 has:
    half walls lvl8 and 7
    mortars max
    AD max
    All DE resource stuff max
    Resource storages max
    CC max
    2 barrack max other 2 1 lvl behind
    Dark B Max
    Barb King LVL 10 max
    Spell and dark spell fac max

    Wiz lvl 6
    Arch t lvl 8
    Cannon lvl 9
    Tesla lvl 4
    Bomb t lvl1
    Air sweeper lvl 3

    Giant Barb Arch lvl5
    Wiz wallb loon lvl 4
    drag pekka lvl3
    healer lvl2

    Zap lvl4
    rage heal lvl3
    (i plan to use a spell book but idk which)

    all DE troops and spell lvl1

    each day i get roughly 2mil each and 5k DE
    i keep maxing out on my elix and DE.

    Should i rush to TH 9 or wait till a bit more of my defence (cannon & arch) get at least 1lvl below max.

    I have explained to my clan and told them about your guide and how i plan to rush to th9. They dont mind as some of them even have crazy rushed (premmie).

    Either way i will still upgrade th next week or so after upgrading tesla cannon and arch


  2. As per what I understand, “Dark spell factory lvl2” requirement is when you are still TH8, but the maximum level of the Dark Spell factory before TH9 is just lvl1.
    Maybe I missunderstood something.

    I’m really enjoying rushing my base!!! It’s true that I’m a bit more cautious but not much XD. Thanks for the guides!


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