Last updated: 12/08/2019

After you start the game, you will go through a tutorial by the game. Follow the lady’s instructions all the way except for spending gems to speed up your upgrades. Gems and time are the most valuable resources in the game, don’t spend gems willy nilly. The forced tutorial ends when you go to Town hall 2. Save up your gems and never use them until you can save up to 5 builders.

Now you start the actual tutorial at town hall 2 (TH2). If this is the first time you’re playing the game, you may want to consider spending $15 straight up to buy the builder packs available. The packs are: 500 gems + 1 builder for $5 and 1200 gems + 1 builder for $10. This would bring you to 1900 gems and just 100 short of the 5th builder. This would greatly increase your upgrading speed and really jump-start your game. Yeah, I know this is a free to play game, but it is really worth it to spend some money here as long as you spend within your means.

If you are a return player, you would know how important builders are. Just think whether it is worth it to spend on a mini/secondary account.

Regardless, this guide will work whether you buy builders or not.

The first thing you need to do is to head straight to TH7 and start your game. This guide provides the shortest route to TH7 where you gain important structures. Anything before that is a waste of time. Don’t fall into the trap of “completing every upgrade before you touch the town hall” or what we refer to as “maxing”, it is a slow, painful way to play the game. Defenses are especially a bad investment because they don’t provide value and don’t stop good attackers from stealing your loot nor protect your stars in clan wars.

TH2 guide:

Before upgrading any town hall level, you must build all new buildings before upgrading. They need not be upgraded but they must be built, so this means at TH2, you need to build all new cannons, archer towers, gold/elixir storages and barracks. This is pretty easy, just attack any base with provides 3-5k loot and you’re all set

Priority list:

  1. Gold mine and elixir collector, these only take 10 seconds each, build them
  2. Archer tower, a one-minute upgrade
  3. Cannon #2
  4. Barracks #2. Build your second barracks so that you can train troops at double speed!
  5. All 25 walls at lvl1. These don’t cost time, only 6250 gold
  6. Gold and elixir storage, just build these so that you can store enough gold for the town hall upgrade.
  7. Town hall to lvl3. This upgrade will take 2 hours, so just keep your other builders busy while you work on this.
  8. (optional) The remaining upgrades in the following order
    • Barracks to lvl2
    • Army camp to lvl2
    • Gold and elixir storage to lvl3
    • Gold mine and elixir collector to lvl3
    • All spare loot should be spent on walls
    • Barracks to lvl3
    • Anything else

If you have all 5 builders, you can actually max TH2 before the 2 hour town hall upgrade is complete. If not, just complete till #7, everything else is optional.

Duration: 2 hours + 5-20min

Farming: build 25-30 barbarians and search for a base with some easy 2-3k loot. You should easily take down any TH2 base and steal all their loot. Make sure you have enough gold to press next a few times and make sure you have enough elixir to fund your barbarian army. If you run out of either, then you may need to wait 5-10min for your collectors to provide enough loot for you to attack again

TH3 guide:

The main upgrade you get in TH3 is the clan castle. This allows you to join clans and receive donations. At this level, I highly recommend you join a friend’s clan or your main account’s clan. If you have neither, just google “request and leave clans coc (year number)” and look for some clans who will donate strong troops to you. These clans allow you to just join, receive troops and leave the clan. This allows you to have even TH12 troops at your TH3 clan castle.

You will mainly use your clan castle (cc) for defense, try to get a baby dragon or 2 balloons in your clan castle. Most request&leave clans will give giants, but some will give balloons when asked.

First priority:

  1. Clan castle. You may not be able to afford it straightaway, but rebuild it as soon as you have 10k gold. It takes no time at all.
  2. Army camp #2. In 5 minutes, you will double your army size allowing you to destroy bases you previously cannot.
  3. Use one of your builders to build the new gold mine, elixir pump, gold storage and elixir storage. This will take about a minute.
  4. You should be able to rebuild your clan castle by now. Use your remaining gold to place bombs and 25 new walls. Placing new traps cost a little bit of gold and takes no time. This will cost in total about 8k gold
  5. Mortar. Make sure you complete clan castle before considering to spend 8k gold here. This takes 3 hours to build and you must at least start building it before you are allowed to upgrade your town hall.
  6. Elixir storage to levels 4/3 (meaning 1 lvl4 and 1 lvl3). This allows you to store 25k elixir for the next important upgrade
  7. Laboratory. This building allows you to upgrade your troops which the bread and butter of all your loot generation abilities.
  8. Gold storage to levels 4/3. This allows you to store 25k gold for your town hall upgrade
  9. Town hall to lvl4. This will take 8 hours which allows you to upgrade some stuff.

Second priority upgrades:

  1. Army camps to lvl3. Extra offense, do it.
  2. Elixir storages to lvl5/5. This allows you to store 50k elixir to upgrade troops in your lab
  3. Barb lvl2 then arch lvl2. Always keep your lab busy, no exceptions. You should reach TH4 right after you start your archer upgrade.
  4. All spare gold on walls. You can easily max all your walls here and have overflowing gold. It only costs 275k to max all walls. In the future, you would earn this in half a raid.
  5. Gold and elixir storages to max (lvl6). You would want full storages before TH4 if possible because many upgrades require more loot by then, especially the town hall 5 upgrade.
  6. Collectors to max. Who doesn’t want free loot?
  7. Barracks to lvl5. Each time you upgrade your barracks, your troop training time is cut in half. But unless you have 5 builders, you don’t need much loot to keep your builders busy. Just upgrade as much as you can here, no need to finish them if you reach TH4.

Duration: <9 hours

Farming: again, fill up your entire army camp space with barbarians and look for easy loot. Early on, you would hit anything with >10k; afterwards you will be targeting 20-50k of each gold and elixir per raid. Try to spread out your troops instead of putting all your barbarians using one finger. Try to use 2-4 fingers and tap alternatively to drop barbarians in 2-4 different locations to overwhelm and swarm your enemy.

Be careful of enemy clan castle, they can have strong troops within them which your troops have no chance in battling. Try to trigger the clan castle by placing a barbarian within its radius. If any high level troop comes out, just forfeit (quit) the raid and move on. There is no point in battling those clan castle (cc) troops. Even if you lose trophies now, don’t worry. Trophies do not earn you loot.

TH4 guide:

The new thing you get in TH4 is the builder base. You can rebuild the boat and hop on over to the builder base. Before you do that though, you should work on your regular base first, keep all the builders busy on new TH4 toys before going on the journey. Once you’re done with few of the following upgrades, you may go over.

First Priority:

  1. Barracks #3 lvl1 and lvl2. Build your new barracks and upgrade it to lvl2, this will grant you faster training times for barbarians and archers.
  2. Archer tower #2. Build this and leave it at lvl1
  3. 25 new walls and 2 new spring traps. Free stuff, place them down.
  4. Gold mine and elixir collector #4. It only takes 10 seconds to place these
  5. Air defense lvl1. You must at least build it to upgrade to TH5, so get it going. It can also protect you against air attacks as an added bonus
  6. At least one gold storage to lvl7. This will give you enough storage space to upgrade to TH5 (4 hours). As soon as your start this upgrade, work on the second list (lab, army camps…) with your other builders while waiting for this upgrade to complete. Use this builder to start on #7 (town hall)
  7. Once you have 150k in your storage, upgrade to TH5. This upgrade will take 12 hours which allows you to work on a few upgrades in the mean time

Second priority upgrades: (while waiting for your lvl7 gold storage, work on the following)

  1. Lab to lvl2. There are actually no worthwhile troops to upgrade here, but just keep your lab busy. Upgrade archers to lvl2 (or goblins if archers are done) then upgrade your lab while archers are being upgraded. This will allow you to work on both archers and lab at the same time. Archers will not be cancelled nor paused.
    • After archers are done, upgrade goblins to lvl2.
  2. Army camps. Each one takes 100k elixir and 5 hours, upgrade them so you can bring 80 barbarians.
  3. Spend all your excess gold on walls. They only cost 900k to max out, should be very easy here.
  4. Gold and elixir storage to max (lvl8). Unless you have 5 builders, you may not be able to finish all your upgrades here so you will need to pick and choose. You start out with 7/6 gold storage and 6/6 elixir storage. I recommend getting at least 8/7 gold storage and 7/6 elixir storage, this will allow you to store more gold for TH6 upgrade. The order I recommend is:
    • Gold storage #2 to lvl7
    • Elixir storage #1 to lvl7
    • Gold storage #1 to lvl8
    • Gold storage #2 to lvl8
    • Elixir storage #2 to lvl7
    • Elixir storage #1 to lvl8
    • Elixir storage #2 to lvl8
  5. You will only reach this point if you have 3-5 builders. Upgrade your clan castle, this will allow you to bring one extra giant or balloon into your raids.
  6. Use all your remaining builders to upgrade collectors while waiting for your town hall to complete.

Do read my builder base guides as I slowly update them with new BH9 info:

Duration: 16-24 hours

Farming: stick to barbarians, you can easily find 50-150k raids and fill up your storages.

In total, it should take you less than 2 days to reach TH5. This sets you up to quickly reach TH7 before one week which is a really good start to your game. It may seem intimidating to skip many upgrades but rest assured that you won’t suffer from any consequences. The most important thing in this game is offense and as long as you have enough to earn your loot, you’ll be fine.

Continue on to my TH5 and TH6 guide below:

TH5 and TH6 guide


  1. Hey dusk! I recently made a second account and started following this guide, and i came across a bundle called “Power level!” – it contained 4000 gems, enough to buy the rest of the builders, but i did not have the money to buy it. It says the offer is available for town halls 2-9 only, so does this mean it should eventually come around again and i’d be able to buy it? Just hoping you’d know since it looks like such a great deal. It also contains 2.5m gold and a builder potion. Thanks!


  2. Hey Dusk, I have a doubt and I need your suggestions. I’m planning on building a attack maxed second base which is basically a rushed base. But I’m looking to max out the troop levels for each town hall and then move to next town hall. But, not all troops are needed. Could you give a sort of a list of troops which are most important. Thanks


    • All can be found within each specific TH guide
      TH1-9: barch, healers, wb +/- loons
      TH10: everything above + miners +/- bowlers
      TH11: everything above + electro + loons + bowlers
      TH12: everything above + yeti +/- witches +/- ice golems
      TH13: everything above then freestyle


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