Not sure how you found this guide, but this is now obsolete. Use my new guide below:

Last edited: 29/9/2018

TH3 is the “TH of storages”. Basically, you have quite a few levels of storages to do and you want to move up to TH4 ASAP too. From lvl2 or lvl3 storages, you want to have at least one lvl5 or 2 lvl4 gold storages before you can get the 25k required to go to TH4.

First priority upgrades: (These are must-haves and should be done asap)

  1. Clan castle. It costs 10k, which might be hard to do as a new TH3, but try to get this done immediately so you can join Req&Leave clans for free, good troops. These troops are the main reason why you want to reach TH3 so quickly, because any maxed Tier 2 and above troops can solo the entire enemy base without dying (hogs and balloons recommended)
  2. Build all new walls and traps with any gold you can cough up after clan castle, no need to upgrade them if you can’t afford them yet.
  3. Army camp. Build your new army camp so that you can store more troops. The second camp basically doubles your attack strength. Bringing it to lvl2 is enough for now.
  4. Mortar. You’ll need to have this built before you can go to th4
  5. New storages and collectors. Just build them and make them all lvl2, then have 2 builders work on gold and elixir storage, you’ll want 25k gold capacity for TH and 25k elixir capacity for lab. Once you have them, just slowly work on them one at a time. Lvl5 is good enough but I recommend maxed so that you can afford new TH4 upgrades immediately. Upgrade one of your elixir storages to lvl5 and go to #5; then upgrade one of your gold storages to lvl5 and go to #6
  6. Lab. Once you unlock lab, get your storage capacity up to 50k so that you can start on barbs. Do archers if you still have spare time in th3
  7. Town hall. Once you built lab, you have now fulfilled the criteria to upgrade your th, so go to th4 asap for the new barracks

Second priority upgrades: (not so important upgrades, can do them later or not done at all)

  1. Army camps. Max them now, only 1 level needed
  2. All storages to max. Not really pressing but they are a stepping stone to th5 upgrades
  3. Collectors. If you have excess builders, just let them do collectors.

Third priority upgrades: (don’t even need to bother if you don’t want to)

  1. Barracks. With only 2 barracks, you can skip them till TH4 unless you have capped loot and nothing to spend it on.
  2. All other defenses

Farming: Still, mass barb is preferred. Just load your entire barracks capacity with barbs and watch them wreck most bases with ease, especially with lvl2 barbs. Once you have your CC, try to fill it up with hogs, balloons or giants and watch them tear through the enemy base without any problems.


See how much better TH3 loot is than TH2, so just come to TH3 ASAP.

Recommended stay: <2 days (minimum 1 day 5 hours)

Recommended upgrades: All first priority upgrades, maxed army camps, at least started with lvl2 barb


I reached TH4 within 36 hours of starting the game, I actually maxed most things due to having 4 builders.

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