To some TH10 is farming heaven, to others TH10 is farming hell, so which is it? Here’s where many people struggle in in TH10, they think they can storage raid and progress. Just calculate how much elixir you need within the first 2 weeks of TH10, you’ll need around 30+mil in 2 weeks. If you’re spending 200-300k elixir per raid, its going to be a long slog just to farm that amount of elixir.

The best farming throughout the entirety of TH10 is simple barch, nothing fancy needed. But particularly during beginning TH10, barch is even more important. As a new TH10, collector farming should be your sole income, either through barch (recommended) or goblins. Many people will say use dark elixir armies, especially those with 30/30 royals, but dark elixir armies are just as strong as barch if you do not use spells, and spells cost elixir. Instead of wasting DE just to farm elixir, it is much more practical to use the DE you earn to work on heroes (AQ in particular) instead. You really don’t need heroes to farm, even my new TH didn’t need heroes to farm.

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As a new TH10, I was able to farm with an upgrading AQ and just a mid level BK and I didn’t even use him half the raids.

I will not cover goblin strategies but they are valid in doing trophy drops, just not as a primary farming army. Goblins cost more elixir when you use things like goblin knife because a lot of spells are used. If minimal spells are used, you will drop trophies like a rock and will drop out of optimal league.

Farming strategy #1:

Barch. Simple barch is all you need for the entire TH10, if progress is your priority you should use this all the time.

New TH10 – 80 barb, 120 arch, 6 minions, 4 wb

240 camp space – 80 barb, 120 arch, 4 wiz, 6 minions, 6 wb

The additional wiz is to allow you to hit things one layer deep more easily, so DE drills behind one layer of walls are easily hit by the wizards. Do note that the wizards are actually weaker than archers in getting % so I do not bring more than 4, also they cost more elixir and slightly more training time.

Spells – 4-5 lightning spells, rest skeleton spells, cc poison spell

Zap spells are used for hitting deep DE drills within the base or getting the last % to get 1 star.

Optimal league here is G1/C3 as a new TH10 and C1/2 when you have 240 camp space and lvl7 barch. The higher you go, the better DE is but the less collector raids become. So adjust and titrate accordingly.

Example logs:


As you can see, you can easily gain a ton of elixir and DE at the same time if you barch. This will allow you to farm for your army camps and lab upgrades while you work on heroes at the same time. As you can see, most of my raids do not require heroes so you are not handicapped when you keep both heroes down like a good farmer.

No tutorial needed for this army, should be quite easy to just collector farm. If you are having trouble getting 50%, bring a cc of valks or bowlers, use your zaps spells (but be aware of the costs) or have a hero ready to get the star.

Farming Strategy #2:

Barch variants. These combine the main essence of barch but add some other complimentary army. The key role of these sorts of armies is to allow the player to hit premmie bases or bases with collectors inside the base. Here, you let your imagination run wild and adjust

No logs here as it is a flexible army for you to do what ever you like

Recommendations include:

8 giants, 16 hogs + barch – This allows you to break the external layer like barch but also easily hit 1 layer deep. Sometimes you can concentrate your troops from one side and punch deep into the base as well.

Barch + 6 valks + cc giants (or cc valks + 8 giants) – This allows you to givalk one side of the base to punch into the core if needed

Barch + QW – when your AQ is maxed, this is a good alternative to use as you will never fail to get 1 star in raids this way. But once AQ is dead, you need to wait 49min before able to use her again

Barch + bowlers – just a little add on so that you can get 50% easier using bowlers, used when I overflow on DE

Be aware of the costs and training times for these armies, they may be more expensive and take longer time to train than simple laloon, so its up to your own judgement. These armies are also invariably train longer and cost more than barch, so they are less efficient in that regards

Farming Strategy #3:

Laloon. This is the army you can choose to use after you finished all your elixir intensive upgrades. There is actually no advantage to this army compared to barch except for slightly less nexting time. Its a decent army to use when you cannot log in for extended periods of time, but pales in comparison with barch. The good thing is that this is one of the only storage raiding armies that do not require heroes to be good, so its an alternative to barch.

I used it because I am farming too much and there isn’t much room left to be efficient, so I take a less efficient path and slowly grind out the game.

Army – 30 loons, 30 minions, 1 hound, cc hound + 1 loon

Spells – 4 haste, 2 rage, 1 heal/freeze, 1 poison, cc haste



Seems good right? But when you factor in cost per raid and training time, it pales in comparison to barch.

How to use:


Note: didn’t 3 star because I don’t want the extra trophies, so I quit after getting all the loot

Its actually a simple spam attack, no skill really needed. The best loot comes from bases like above, where there are fully storages and collectors at the same time. Be aware of where the air sweepers are and take them out of they are at the edge of the base, if not then try as much as possible not to head directly towards them, come from their blind side. Haste at the perimeters and rage when you approach infernos and the core in general, heal and haste as necessary once you passed the core. Be sure to lure cc if it is lurable if not then have your poison ready to stop them.

There is a failure rate for this army so be aware of that. There is nothing you can really do sometimes and when you fail, just suck it up. This is the trade off from barch where it is impossible to fail when you use barch.


  1. Back again with a few questions 😀

    Just began my TH10 upgrade on my main, which is going to end on the 18th. ( will have royals 24 by then, every defense done but AT/WT/mortars/Air sweepers)
    Going to gem lab/SF right in the beginning, also I’d like to keep both my heroes down even in the transition phase

    Will have a lot of loot to get so I’m wondering what would be the best strategy to achieve this
    Should I use loonion or barch?
    For barch which trophy range do you think is the best ? I rarely ever find good collector raids in crystal right now
    Also am I going to farm enough DE for my heroes?


    • For TH10, there will be more dead bases after you upgrade, just that in TH9 it is much harder to find these dead bases.

      Just barch and get all 3 loot, instead of wasting a lot of elixir with loonion. With easy 2-4k DE raids, you’ll earn a lot of DE just by farming dead bases in TH10


  2. Alright cool 🙂
    Do you know if Gold – Low crystal is still the way to go as for the trophy range?

    I still struggle a bit on my mini, I can’t farm enough to have both heroes down at the moment (so I’m only upgrading the queen) Think I’ll have to wait a bit for my Dbarracks to be done so I’ll be able to loonion up to crystal. Guess I will find better DE bases there

    Also one last thing, could you remove the ” Wow, just wow ” post from the top of the blog? Every regular reader must have seen it by then 😀


    • Yeah, initially that is a good league, then you can move up as a TH10 to get better DE. Your mini is still TH9 right? DE is still weak at TH9, so wait till TH10 before you stress about heroes. If not, just upgrading AQ is good enough

      Yeah, suppose I can remove it from the top now, I think I will write another featured post, something about loot penalty


  3. Yup got to th9 2 weeks ago only
    Already been doing the 3 storages, lab, cc, sf , both dark barracks to max. Currently working on getting drills to max 😀
    I might just rush to th10 with heroes 15 on this account, will have a shit lab by then but I’ve hopes in the th10 farming haha


      • The mini is currently looking as so :

        Archers done tonight so I’ll be able to upgrade barbs now
        Probably going to upgrade my hound afterwards as I want to do a bit of farming a bit with loonion/laloonion
        Then I’ll still have around 30 lab days before moving to th10 so I don’t really what would be the more valuable upgrades

        Was thinking about minions – heal – rage – lightning ( used paired with barch ) but that’s going to be too much for the time I have


      • Don’t need to have high level minions, heal and rage. Minions are used to snipe buildings with barch, so lvl1 is the same as lvl7. Heal and rage really don’t gain much (lvl2 rage is 90+% as strong as lvl5 rage), and you probably won’t be using hogs/miners early on. Lightning gets terrible gains from lvl6 onwards, so stop at lvl5 because the time required vs actually gain is very bad.

        Just max hounds and you’re good to go. Maybe goblins if you prefer?


  4. I don’t want to have both accounts rushing to th10 at the same time so I’m going to delay this one for a bit
    Probably will me doing hounds – minions 3 – some lightnings levels and rush
    I don’t use gobs anymore so I’m not considering upgrading them right now

    Anyway thanks for all the tips 😀


  5. Just got TH10. building both infernos + xbow and upgrading lab. that actually sounds not too bad tbh, but i mainly used loonion is higher crystal to get loot out of storages.. i was down in crystal 3 although i could not find any dead bases there.
    my question would be, how and where to find those dead bases? maybe i am just unlucky or something changed. how abput you guys?


  6. Yup loot usualy sucks in EU in the afternoons, gets better in the begining of the evening. Right now I’m finding good dead bases in a few 15 20 nexts

    Gemmed the end of my TH so that I can farm a little tonight. Only having 2 builders available right now tho
    Built the new 25 walls, traps and the CC, gemmed the lab so that I can hopefuly begin archers 7 later. Will also try to build and gem the SF but that might be too much for today :/

    Going to dump all the gold into the new walls while upgrading the army camps using this base currently, will probably switch to crows 9.5 when I’ve maxed lvl 10 walls and built my new defenses as I won’t plant early infernos on this account


  7. can u do the 4 finger technique with barch on your phone? Because usually if I try to do it insteat of my troops deploying the camera starts zooming in and out like crazy


  8. I am stuck at gold 3 and there are no dead bases, what is a good way to push trophies? My spell factory is upgrading so it’s impossible to do a profitable raid with at least 1 star


    • Only at lvl1 otherwise their elixir cost really cuts into your income. At TH10, it doesn’t really matter but walls at TH11 get significantly more expensive and you’ll find it hard to max walls using miners


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