This guide is now outdated. Please read my full TH10 guide: here

Updated: 21/1/2019

This is just an extension of what you previously did in TH9. Once you’re done with all the first and second priority upgrades in early TH10, you can start working on the following upgrades.

If you maxed TH9 previously, this section will not help you much because you will only stay here for a short time. A rusher can stay here for a long time and even finish heroes. These cheap upgrades (collectors) are very beneficial so that you can work on heroes without the stress of building defenses.

Read my journey here:

Mid TH10

First priority upgrades:

  1. AQ. Be sure to keep upgrading AQ until she is maxed.
  2. Dark barracks to max. Unlocking bowlers can help supplement any army you wish to bring and strengthen it. Be sure to have an excess of DE before using them. Even if you have no wish to use them, just upgrade the dark barracks to get them out of the way.
  3. Barracks to max. Its better to rip off the bandage for this painful upgrade now and max all of your barracks. You don’t know when SC will introduce the next best troop and you don’t have maxed barracks to use them. Miners are an awesome farming troop, if your walls are good enough
  4. Gold mines and elixir collectors. Dedicate 2 builders to work on these structures until they are maxed. Nothing in your base can give you more loot than these collectors, defenses do not save loot so better work on collectors rather than defenses.

Second priority upgrades:

  1. BK. Once AQ is done or whenever you have an excess of DE, work on BK so that he is maxed as well. He isn’t as useful as AQ, but its better to spend DE here than to waste it.
  2. Teslas. The king of defenses for rushers because it has no intimidation factor and can surprise enemies, work on these babies.
  3. Skeleton traps then all other traps. Same with teslas, they will surprise players who are unprepared.
  4. Air defenses and Wizard towers. If you still have excess builders, work on these defenses because they can stop the laloon attack that The Crows is weak against. Build and upgrade them.


It all depends on what you want, once you maxed barch and have lvl5 lightning you can upgrade anything you like. Here are good picks:

Miner lvl3, giant lvl7, loon lvl6, Hound, minion, wallbreaker, Healer lvl4, Valks, Bowler, Baby drag

Base design:

Search for “The Crow TH10”, use it and love it.


TH10 farming guide

Recommended stay time:

Stay here until you either:

  • Maxed heroes
  • Maxed walls
  • Maxed your barracks, dark barracks and all collectors

Even if your heroes and walls are lagging, after you maxed barracks, dark barracks and collectors, you can just go to TH11. Loot in TH11 is no different than TH10, the added warden is far more important than any hero upgrade you can do in TH10

Hope you find this useful, this phase is just a transition from early TH10 to late TH10 TH11


  1. Hi Sin, i just got to Th 10 now. First impression: I thought TH 9 got good loot, until I got to TH 10. WOW! Also just one quick question: I only find TH 10 mid guide, did you not write a late TH 10 or I can upgrade to TH 11 after i finish upgrading TH 10 to mid? Thank you so much and love your guides!


  2. Love the guides! I found these after maxing TH9, except for Heroes (ya, i know lol!). I played off and on on this account for years however, I would go on hiatus at times for 2 years. So glad I found you, will def speed up the game!

    Currently I am at TH10 with maxed TH9 defenses, even the new TH10 defenses are maxed TH9 level, and infernos are both at level 3. 36x lvl 11 walls, rest are lvl 10, all collectors are maxed. All elixir upgrades are finished that are needed, barch, camps, barracks, dark barracks, spell factories, etc.. The only elixir upgrades I have left are other troops(upgrading miners now) besides barch, and all are at max th9 levels so not far off, and walls. My BK is at 20, AQ is on her way to 28 now.

    My question, since offensively besides my AQ/BK, I am finished for the TH would you recommend I go to TH11 and start working on my Grand Warden while continuing on my AQ? Or stay at TH10 to grind out my AQ and send the excess elixir to walls and troop upgrades when they are available?

    I am unable to farm as much as you, so I am unable to keep my AQ upgrading non stop like you are, and will likely be the same for GW, so I figured I would benefit from the upgrade to TH11 by being able to use both when they are awake and keep progressing. But I have never been to TH11 so I am not sure if farming DE would come slower at TH11 and it may be better to grind away in TH10

    Thanks for your guides!!!


    • For you, I guess there is no real rush to go to TH11 as of yet, keep grinding AQ for now. Try to target at least 3-4k DE per raid with barch and you should be able to get the necessary 18k/day for AQ easily.

      It is no faster or slower in TH11, the only big advantage is that you can work on warden much earlier. For now, keep grinding AQ, max your drills and collectors then work on traps and teslas.

      AQ will take another 70 days for you, maybe grind another 30-40 days then re-evaluate


      • Okay, and thanks for the reply.

        So all of my drills and collectors are already maxed.

        Basically stay here until either AQ is lvl 40, or walls are maxed and elixir is not being used?

        Thanks again


      • Yeah, that is fine. Unless you have a real urgent need for warden, there’s no reason to go to TH11 super early. What are your defenses like?

        Edit: ok, just saw your previous post. In that case, it might be a good idea to go to TH11 early. First day of TH11 will be brutal since you’ll want to try and farm 10+mil elixir but it will be easy after that. Maxing TH10 does nothing to help you in this regard


  3. I just got back into the game after almost 2 years of not playing (I last played during the builder base update). Currently I have BK 11 and AQ 18, level 7-10 walls, and barracks mostly 1 level below the TH10 max. You said somewhere that due to the level 8 barb buff, it is worth it to go to TH11 once you have level 7 barch (which I have). Should I go to TH11?

    Also I’m in Gold III which has good gold and elixir but low DE. Is it worth it to push to 2000 trophies for better DE?

    Lastly, I lost the motivation to play on the builder base, but it seems like many challenges require you to do things in the builder base. Is it worth it to spend time there to complete challenges and get rewards.

    Thanks! Your guides are gread.


    • I would say learn to farm a little better first, try pushing to C3 using just barch (90 barbs, 130 arch + minions and wb). You should be able to find tons of easy DE bases to loot then you can try upgrading AQ to lvl25. After that, you should have all the basics required to farm at TH11

      I’d say don’t bother playing the builder base normally if you don’t find it fun. But if there are challenges based in the builder base, just do a few raids and easily get the points. Its much easier to get points on a lower level account than on a higher level account in the builder base


      • First of all, I need to correct some cringy mistakes in my original comment. Great*. Second to last period should be a question mark. I usually get a little irritated when people make mistakes that could easily have been avoided if they read their post once before submitting, but now I’m a hypocrite, haha.

        Thanks for the advice. The main reason why I’m pretty low is I often do raids that involve placing one archer to snipe a collector while the rest of my army is training, or zapping a DE drill then surrendering. I stopped doing that and now I’m slowly pushing through the gold leagues.


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