My lord, this guide is so outdated, time to update it

Updated: 21/1/2019

After spending almost 2 months in TH10, its time to finish up this guide and teach you all my knowledge as I finish transitioning into TH10 for the 4th time.

After a week of TH10 now, I’m quite sure I know what is important and what is not

TH10 is the first TH level that you have a good chance at defense, this is only because of infernos. They’re so strong that everything you upgraded in TH8 and TH9 does not matter. A TH7 + infernos is greatly stronger than any maxed TH9 in the world. Many of your attackers will be ill-prepared to face them and will suffer their wrath, this is why its one of your first priority upgrades.

Unfortunately infernos are a shell of what they were, they do almost nothing to your defenses right now. Still drop them, but at lvl1 they are good for single mode only. Lvl1 single mode inferno is 66-75% as strong as lvl6 inferno. Only lvl5/6 they are worthwhile to set as multi.

Before stepping into TH10, be sure to prepare 8mil gold, 8mil elixir and just keep AQ upgrading. Prepare as much loot in your treasury as possible, rune of elixir is recommended but not needed (I had one)

The TH10 pack contains: Lvl1 inferno, Lvl2 xbow and 150k DE. Despite not giving gems, this is a pretty good pack as it can jump start your TH10 AQ grind. I still recommend it, but not as heavily as the past

Read how I did my TH10 here:

TinySin Journals

The priority guide assumes that you have 5 builders.

First priority upgrades:

  1. Lab. As usual, you want your new level of troops so you need to upgrade your lab.
  2. Spell factory. Unlock it for the additional spell slot
  3. Inferno tower x2. Try to drop both your infernos as soon as possible, drop your first inferno and build #4,#5 while you farm the remaining few million cold to build your second inferno.
    • Clan castle is more important now, do it before infernos. You can also bring siege machines into normal raids, making DE farming much better
  4. New cannon and archer tower. Free additional dps, build them first.
  5. New DE drill, keep one builder on it permanently
  6. Build new walls. Rearrange your base to the TH10 crows using the new walls, just put archer towers in place of xbows and bomb tower in the core.
  7. AQ to lvl40. Since there aren’t many TH10 upgrades to do, start upgrading your AQ right away. Even if your king is lvl10, keep upgrading AQ.
  8. Army camps. These have been bumped up a priority tier because they are more useful than infernos and xbows. These cost 6.75mil each and only take 6.5 days, pretty easy to max

Basically, this is what your builders are going to do:

Builder 1: Lab > army camp > army camp

Builder 2: Spell factory > army camp > DE drill lvl7

Builder 3: CC > army camp > DE drill lvl7

Builder 4: New cannon/AT/traps > new DE drill until maxed

Builder 5: AQ until lvl40

Second priority upgrades:

These are done after a few days into TH10. Your CC, lab and spell factory will take up much of your time so you may not have enough builders. At TH10, make sure to space out your builders so that you don’t sit on a ton of loot and no free builder.

  1. Army camps x4. Right after upgrading your new structures, farm 6.75mil for your army camps and start on them asap. Upgrading all 4 is a pain because of their high initial cost, but they take so long that you’ll be able to finish them in quite reasonable time.
  2. Clan castle. If you had not done
  3. DE drill. Max your new DE drill and enjoy the 2.4k DE/day passive income
  4. New infernos. Build them at leave them at lvl1, single mode. They are good enough for their role and possibly can stop dragon spam against your base
  5. New bomb tower and Xbow. Once all your other stuff are good, you can build these new defenses to boost your defenses greatly. Don’t need to upgrade them if you don’t have the builders but make sure they are built, at least lvl1
  6. Dark barracks. Bowlers are great troops and even lvl1 is quite good, build them. If you ever have too much DE, lvl1 bowlers are good supplements to your army.
  7. Keep upgrading AQ. Now back to the hero grind, with the great DE income of TH10 you’ll find that upgrading her is now quite a breeze.

Third priority upgrades:

By this time you should actually be around a month old TH10, it is time to transition into being a mid TH10.

  1. BK. If you have extra DE and don’t know where to spend it, upgrade your BK along with your AQ. But never neglect AQ just to upgrade BK
  2. Infernos (optional). Even lvl1-2 infernos are very strong for the unprepared, its your choice to upgrade them now or wait till all your other defenses are caught up. If you have maxed TH9 defenses, just upgrade these infernos to max.
  3. Barracks and dark barracks. Keep one builder upgrading one of each
  4. Gold mines and elixir collectors. Slap 2 builders to work constantly on these buildings, they are much more worth it than any defenses you can build. Max them all and enjoy the passive income.


Being a new TH10, lab is quite challenging because you need the elixir for troops and you need them for army camps as well. You just need to farm a little harder, always prioritize upgrading troops instead of buildings. If you cannot upgrade army camps because the elixir cost is too high, build/upgrade infernos and xbow first while you farm for the elixir needed for army camps

Never leave your lab idle though, so if you are tight on elixir, upgrade barbs and leave army camps for later. If you really cannot farm that elixir, maybe put a DE troop instead.

Troops: barb 7 > arch 7 > wb 6 > miners (if miners not unlocked yet, upgrade giants and goblins instead)


As per usual, you don’t need to focus on walls. Just build walls as you farm and get a free builder. When you farm 7mil elixir to upgrade your army camps, you’ll probably also have 7mil gold, just dump that gold into walls before starting your army camps.

You should be able to upgrade a ton of walls in this phase of the game, just upgrade them as hard and as fast as you can. Once walls are mostly done, you can easily farm using miners. If walls are maxed, then you have the choice to upgrade to TH11 instead


The first mistake most people make in TH10 is that they think storage raiding is still profitable. I can safely say that it is not. Just bash your head until you forget how to storage raid and learn to barch from day 1 onwards.

Read farming guide here:

TH10 farming guide

Recommended stay time:

It takes around 1 month to upgrade all your new things and get your farming up to par. When you start to run out of upgrades, read the next guide as you transition into a mid TH10

TH10 Guide (mid)





  1. whats your clan name buddy?
    and i’m early th10 with lvl6 gaints and wiz but but very rarely i find a dead base to barch on.
    in gold 1,2 so i moved to storage farming instead and facing many difficulties know
    Do you always barch ?


  2. I’ve been following your guide for a while now, and I really appreciate it! But this is the question that’s been bugging me for a while: if loot gets better every town hall, why don’t you just max barch and move onto the next town hall to minimise effort for hero grind?


  3. Thanks for your guide! I realised I was wating my time sitting on loot waiting to “get the heroes to 30” at TH9 (maxer mentality) and not making good use of a shiton of resources. I’ve been a TH10 for less than a monthand this guide helped me correct many mistakes that I did at planning and using resources. Again, thank you! In a few days I’ll get +20 camp spaces so my raids will improve.

    Although I don’t have the “play o win” mentality like yours, my general vision towards this game has changed a lot (specially with your Reddit posts). Now I’m having much more fun.


    • Great to hear! Yes, it is unfortunately very sad to see many players wasting 300-500mil resources just to max heroes to zero gain in the end. In fact, now I think maxing TH9 is a much worse mistake than maxing TH8


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