“Am I ready for TH11?” Most probably yes, if you’re asking this question. It is almost impossible to screw up by rushing your base, it might make things harder but you can never be stuck with no way to progress.

Here’s a quick checklist of what you need before going to TH11. If you have followed my guide, you should be more than ready for TH11

  1. Lab lvl8
  2. Spell factory lvl5
  3. Clan castle lvl6
  4. Barb and archers lvl7
  5. All army camps lvl8
  6. AQ at least level 15
  7. At least one barracks lvl12
  8. At least one dark barracks lvl7
  9. All 3 Dark elixir drills lvl7
  10. Dark spell factory lvl5
  11. Both infernos lvl1

Once you’re done, you can read my TH11 guide

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