“Am I ready for TH10?”

These are the minimum upgrades you want to reach TH10. If you follow my TH9 guide, you will complete more than what’s stated here.

Necessary/highly recommended upgrades:

  1. Lab lvl7
  2. Spell factory lvl4
  3. Clan castle lvl5
  4. Barbarian and archers lvl6
  5. Xbows lvl1/1
  6. All army camps lvl7
  7. BK and AQ at least lvl5
  8. DE storage lvl6
  9. DE drill lvl6/6
  10. All gold and elixir storages lvl11

Once all these are done, its time to go to TH10

TH10 guide


  1. I’m excited for you to update the TH10 guide, if you’re planning on doing that. Also definitely looking forward to your BARCH guide/video.

    I’ve been following along so far. Started playing about a month ago (end of July) and with the help of the gold pass, I’m in TH10 with BK at 7 and AQ going to 20 right now.

    While barbs/archers were upgrading in the lab, I LaLoon’d up to C2, but since they finished, I’ve been trying to barch again, and I’ve been struggling much more with it in TH10/C2 than I had been the entire rest of the time. It seems like TH10s are more prone to hiding their DE drills deep within their bases and I can’t get to them with barch.

    No issues farming gold/elixer with any comp, but I seem to be getting best DE results with LaLoon for my off-boost attacks. When I can sit and play for an hour, I’ve been boosting/training potion BARCH.


      • I understand you recommend barch but I find that I gain more loot using Giant Wizard barch with heal spells. Should I stick to barch or go to Giant Wizard barch. Are my defences too high lvl btw. My cannons and archer tower are lvl 8. Mortars at lvl 5, Wizard towers at 3 and air defences at 6. I have lvl 3 xbows and lvl 1 infernos. I only reached th10 by 2.25 months instead of 2 months but I’m f2p. Should I neglect defences and just focus on offence. I know my base is still stronger than max th9 due to infernos dps. Should I go to th11 as I was told loot is bad there and th10 where I am now is really good for loot.


      • Hm, it is probably choice of base that is hindering you. Are you searching for and destroying dead bases? Barch isn’t meant to deal with storages because storage raids don’t give much loot. Just focus on offense for now and maybe stay 1-3 months as a TH10. What are your heroes like?


  2. My queen is lvl 18 and my king is lvl 13. I have been playing for about 3 months including time on and off as f2p. Barch was amazing at th9 yet when I went to th10 I couldn’t barch anymore.


  3. Im in gold 1 around 1900 cups. Just a tip for you so you can update your FAQs. The best way to get into FWA is rush to th10 and get lvl 6 archers and wizards. 70% of FWA clan says you need to be in th10 and have lvl 6 archers and wizards. Just a quick questions are you Australian or Asian?


    • Hmm, there should be good dead bases around there. Can you try farming now, it should be good farming hour. Alright, I’ll update that.

      I’m Asian but plan to work in Australia. I did some placements in Australia previously


  4. Wondering if I’m ready for Th10. In the time my Th is upgrading, will be able to get lvl 6 Barch and max my storages and army camps, but can’t max out DE drills and queen will probs only be around lvl 10.
    Also on a separate note, what are good farming trophy ranges for TH 9 and TH10?


    • Queen is fine, barch is fine. Drills are nice to have but you actually don’t gain too much and there is really no difference by doing them now or doing them in TH10

      Drills are just a way for first time players to slow down their progress and smell the flowers a tiny bit. Its actually entirely optional because they are just used as a stepping stone for lvl7 in TH10. You actually gain more DE by upgrading to TH10 instead of working on drills in TH9.

      Hope that allows you to make an informed decision.


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