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Day 452, being a filthy p2w

Bought the $10 pack on this account as well. Sc’s book timing cannot be more perfect than this. I got a free book from the trader and now I have a second book for the season bank next week. I upgraded the eagle because I gains 12.5% more strength. It could be much better but that would make th13 offense […]

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Day 35, The crows

Missed a day of pictures, oh well. Farming is really easy using barch, just find dead bases and get loot, so easy. The Crows is the best base out there, I knew the creator personally, Phoenix (Aphrodi in the forums) and he learned his rushing ways under me. He created this base and it was the best base for rushers. […]

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Day 33, AQ lvl6

The 4th day of TH9 is probably the hardest, where lab, sf and clan castle complete on the same day so you need to farm hard to keep them all busy again. Lab becomes empty too, so If you read my TH9 guide, you’ll know what to upgrade here, but I’ll link it so that you can read it: After […]

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Day 32, 3rd day of TH9

Early today, just started AQ before I slept. Now I need to farm the 30k required for AQ for tonight. New walls are lvl8 already and working on lvl9 walls.  Lvl9 walls now cost 500k each, which is a complete joke. I can clear out my entire storage and leave nothing for attackers. This is the only true way to […]