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Day 457, RC is quite amazing

Boosted builders today since I have a full DE tank and a long time before my RC completes. Instead of upgrading RC again, I chose to spend my DE to upgrade AQ. I did this because it is more worth it to skip a 5.6 day wait from AQ than to skip a 4.8 day wait by upgrading RC. Using […]

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SinOfDusk day 22 of TH13

Because of my excess book of everything, I need to use it on my lab. I can only skip 8 days here but it’s better than wasting a book. With that, I can claim my next book from the season pass and I plan to skip another hero or builder upgrade with it. This is a pretty sad level for […]

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Day 454, RC halfway done?

Now that my RC is lvl10 and upgrading to lvl11, can I consider her to be halfway done? Hell no, lvl11-20 costs 4 times more than lvl1-10 so I wouldn’t consider myself halfway done. Yet many low levels seem to think that having a lvl35 BK/AQ is halfway done, when in reality lvl45-50 is closer to the midpoint. Got downvoted […]

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SinOfDusk day 19 of TH13

Warden going to lvl45 now. I’m only one month away from maxed warden, if I don’t use gems. However, I will definitely start using gems from this week onward so I expect to max him out around new year time. It will only take 60mil elixir to max him and the 25mil from season bank will drop it to 35mil. […]

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Day 452, being a filthy p2w

Bought the $10 pack on this account as well. Sc’s book timing cannot be more perfect than this. I got a free book from the trader and now I have a second book for the season bank next week. I upgraded the eagle because I gains 12.5% more strength. It could be much better but that would make th13 offense […]

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SinOfDusk day 17 of TH13

This is an amazing Xmas day offer and I immediately claimed all 3 rewards. I heard that the Boxing day offer was the exact same, but I was in a flight during that time so I missed out on that 😦 Anyway, this book of buildings is perfect for me because I planned to buy the $10 pack which gives […]

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Day 451, TH13 balancing ideas

Since RC doesn’t need much DE, my overzealous DE farming has led to a full DE storage so I decided to upgrade Then I used a book of heroes like a casual I am so that I can keep using QW miners. I think I will start upgrading BK to max next week so that my DE consumption can match […]

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SinOfDusk day 16 of TH13

This is great offer, I got a builder potion plus 40 gems. There are too many training potions this season and I cannot stand using more than 2 training potions per day so I’m selling most of these free training potions. A 1-gem army boost is coming soon so I will boost then if I want to. Boosted builders for […]

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Day 450, my favorite event

Kicked off the day with a lvl10 RC upgrade. I am thinking whether or not to use her and try her out for a few raids when she wakes up in 4 days time. Getting to try out lvl10 RC would be fun and it would serve as a mini reward for this grind thus far. A training potion here […]

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ClashMas Gem bundle analysis

There are far less books in these Xmas packs but they aren’t actually all bad. These remind me of the very first value pack sold in the game which only had bonus resources + the usual gems. Since those days, it was quite common for minnows like me to pay $10-20/month for just gems, these packs were amazing. These days […]

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SinOfDusk 2nd week of TH13

Except for the first day, this current event has been pretty underwhelming which explains a lot of complaints in reddit. Well, I can’t really complain about free gems. I have claimed all the rewards and have used them for boosting (training potion) or sold them off (shovel or hero potions). Seriously, with multiple heroes under upgrade, building potions are really […]