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Day 184, the forgotten hero

I’m not talking about some unsung war hero who was never celebrated here, I’m talking about the barbarian king. Unfortunately due to his design, he will always be relegated to be a beatstick with no real role in attacks. Being a glorified pekka with an ability, he is the 3rd best hero in the game. He isn’t weak, he is […]

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Day 183, lvl20 warden

The final level, for now And definitely using this. I actually didn’t knew that SC will give us ANOTHER book because they delayed the update by a day but I didn’t care. Having no books was better as now I have a maxed warden (for now). Now my barch will be supercharged, if I’m attacking a whale base my barbs […]

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Day 180, lvl17 warden

Just got enough elixir for my next warden level, he’s upgrading to lvl18 now. That means he just needs another 20mil to go, that’s exciting. Once warden is maxed, my barch will get an effective 50% hp boost, that brings the buffed barbs’ health to 320 which is insane considering that they used to only have 180 hp for TH11 […]

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Day 179, enjoying the fruits of my labor

Sorry for not posting yesterday, look forward to another post later. Been using my maxed (for now) AQ for a day and it really is fun. Getting 50% is really easy now and I’m earning more loot because of that. AQ can also sometimes snipe some collectors that barch is not strong enough to get. Now its the warden’s turn, […]

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Day 178, maxed AQ!

Finally farmed enough DE to upgrade AQ AQ maxed! She’s maxed! Now I can use her in every raid I do and she will help me get extra loot every raid with barch. She’s also almost 80% as strong as lvl60 AQ, that’s very strong and the small increases afterwards will not matter much anymore. The mistake many people do […]

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Day 177, daily quests

Farmed almost 60k DE since yesterday so that makes me 80k short of my final AQ level for now. SC just gave us some daily quests to play around while waiting for the April update (picture taken 22nd March 2019) SC is introducing daily quests as a quick preview for season challenges. Unfortunately, season challenges are far more boring than […]

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Day 176, TH11 crows

I have actually changed my base for almost 2 weeks now and I forgotten to post about it, so now I will post it here. This is my rendition of the Crow’s base for TH11. I see many people completely misunderstanding the role of this base and put air defenses in the middle ring together with storages then complain that […]

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Day 175, graduation ceremony

I just had my graduation ceremony yesterday after spending the past many years in medical school and I can feel is “second step out of a thousand, done”. Every accomplishment is just another piece of building block, and you should only stop to look back when you really become the cream of the crop, when people look up to you. […]

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Day 174, warden to 17

Sorry for not posting yesterday, I had my graduation ceremony after finishing medical school yesterday. I also didn’t schedule any posts because my laptop broke down on me for the past week. I’m now using a potato laptop to do my research and post in my blog. Enjoy my second post one hour after this. Farmed a little of elixir […]

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Day 173, AQ going to lvl49!

Early morning farming, just to get DE. People say rushing is hard, but in reality rushing is only hard if you want to max heroes quickly like me. Most people who rush can’t farm as fast as me, yet can still make really good progress. The problem of rushing is that you look like an ugly duckling for some time […]

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Day 172, on to business

A really long post today, time to start the grind. Today is a long, long day Yes, I would want to finish the AQ now Again, I want to finish the upgrade now. There you go, two levels of AQ nearly instantly. AQ lvl48, just two more upgrades and she’s maxed. That’s 396k DE before she’s maxed, really want to […]

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Day 171, a fighting chance

Wow, the above pack is actually good for a low price. It seems like a recurring pack, coming back twice so far. Its $5 for 2 book of heroes, if you Only the middle RM19.9 ($5) pack is worth it, everything else is worthless unless you already bought that pack already. With the new season pass that we already have, […]

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Day 170, BK going to lvl31

In the end, I made the choice to upgrade BK because my DE is overflowing already. This is going to be a problem in the future when I max my AQ which is going to happen in less than 4 weeks. However, DE armies just take way too long to train and I will effectively cut my loot in half […]

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Day 169,

Just posted yesterday’s post in reddit, and one of the biggest comment is that “too long, didn’t read”. It is really disappointing to see idiots in reddit like that. Here’s the post: I urge my readers to just go on there and give an upvote. It is basically yesterday’s post, but shorter. BK awake now and I have farmed enough […]

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Day 168, opportunity cost

I’m thinking to make a series of posts, maybe once a week? Targeting things that general people don’t understand. This week’s topic will be regarding opportunity cost. Opportunity cost can be stated as the lost value when you make a choice. Whenever you need to make a choice, A or B, you are losing something. If you chose A, you […]