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10 months!

Day 305 10 months since starting the game, I have maxed my walls and nearly maxed my heroes. With 2-3 maxed war armies, I’m doing very well in CWL and regular wars. Imagine if I maxed out each TH level, I would barely be a TH10 right now, if I haven’t quit the game yet. I traded defense for offense […]

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Day 301, builder management and freeze spell

Somehow skipped day 300, but my day count isn’t very accurate anyway. 26th Sept 2019 is the anniversary of this account so let’s see how accurate my day count is by then. Currently capped gold while waiting for defenses to complete. Builders only cost around 1mil/builder/day which is really cheap. This value decreases as you go up in TH levels […]

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Day 299, TH12 defense logs

People in reddit are starting to advise “upgrade your TH” when people ask the question. This is actually a slow, good change despite lots of people being misinformed and still giving bad advice to max. One of the dumb things maxers say is “upgrade your defense otherwise you would be crushed”, ignoring the wasted progress in doing so and the […]

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Day 296, random thoughts

Prepared an electro army before I sleep for war attack early in the morning. This is what you should do for war so that you don’t jeopardize your farming time during the day. For regular wars, since there are two attacks, I try to sneak one attack before sleep and one after I wake so that my heroes are available […]

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Day 295, season pass done

Picture taken: 17th July. I completed the season pass challenges in about half a month. It honestly wasn’t very hard and I think most players can finish it around the same timeframe as well. Some people have proposed that there should be more rewards and to extend the line. However, I don’t think people will get what they ask for. […]

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Day 294, the futility of defense

With maxed walls and cheap defenses, the only grind is farming 240k DE/week for BK (or 196k in 5.6 days). This is about 35k DE/day which isn’t too hard really when I target at least 5k DE/raid. Plus 8k from drills and I barely need to raid 5 times to get the DE for BK. However, my plan to upgrade […]

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Day 293, book of building

Awesome value for a book of building here, skipping a full 2 week upgrade. If I did not rush, I would be wasting a book here on a 6 day upgrade, essentially throwing away 8 days of upgrade time. This is why I am upgrading my teslas and xbows to the penultimate level (TH11 level) so that I can efficiently […]

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Day 291+292, maxed walls

Last wall being upgraded. Today, I max my walls You know, someone with a picture like this and TH9 defenses got some burn in reddit. I wonder what will happen if I post this in reddit. We’ll know later today. I just started 9.5 months ago and now I maxed my walls. While it is a good accomplishment, it means […]

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Day 289+290, two days in one

Verdict: really poor packs, don’t bother. You’re paying a premium for things that should be cheap. Fight night is the only useful pack here but at USD$2, you can almost buy a season pass which will be far more worthwhile. Currently at end of July, the current packs are useless as well. They give almost the same thing as the […]

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Day 288, the hypocrisy of maxers

Just a brief look at my base before I go on to the main topic BK was upgrading throughout the entire CWL and despite that I was able to 3 star all enemy bases. My offense was just way too strong compared to my competitors. The problem with our clan in CWL is that our mid-low bases are quite bad […]

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July 2019 CWL Season

Just want to show my CWL progress this season. Me and my team did really well this season. In total, I perfected this season with 21 stars. Most of my enemies were maxed TH11/low TH12. Being offensively strong here is really important because the stars you gain depend on your own effort and skill. Whether or not defenses pay off […]

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Day 287, upgrading troops in lab

Witches lvl4 completed in lab, proceeded to upgrade her to lvl5. If you noticed, I farmed 180k for BK 2 days ago and today I have 160k ready for maxed witches. Decent farming there after coming back from vacation (and a tiny break from clash) As I made in the remark a day or two ago, upgrading pekka was a […]

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Day 284, multiple books used

Used a book of building here to skip 14 days on this tesla upgrade. I will leave a bunch of these teslas and xbows at TH11 level (lvl9 and lvl5 respectively) to efficiently use books on. I will plan accordingly once all my other defenses are “caught up”. Most likely, I think I will work on 2-3 TH12 upgrades while […]

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Day 283, time skipped 4 days

Went to Jogya and forgotten to take any pics of my base. I also didn’t play too much while traveling which worked great for me since I have 240k DE for BK ready. Keeping builders busy is one of the easiest things in this game. You only need 1mil/day as a rusher and only 2-3mil per day even while working […]

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Day 279, maxed TH11 walls

With maxed warden, farming just became a lot more fun. No replays right now and unfortunately no time to record any replays. Barch guide that I promised still having no videos 😦 I’ll try to work on it the coming weeks since I have 3 weeks of free time now. DE close to overflowing and I refused to buy another […]