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Journal (9 months)

Day 99 The 9th month was actually yesterday, but I forgot again so here I am trying to replace it. Upgraded 1 lvl10 wall and 1 lvl11 wall (only 5mil total resources) Started my 3rd barracks to max, so I need 20 more days to have maxed barracks and another free builder to work on defenses. I also started lvl4 […]

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Journal (TH10 day 98)

Upgraded 2 lvl10 walls and 1 lvl11 wall today (7mil total resources) Didn’t farm much, so loot that can be put into walls is low. At least today, my last gold mine is going to max so that in 5 days I’ll have maxed passive income. I’ll need to buckle up and farm more so that I can meet my […]

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SinMini TH11 Journal (day 77)

Farming with a maxed warden is just too simple. I’ll try to post attack logs afterwards, right now I’m too busy overkilling targets which have become too easy now. Upgraded a newbie cannon and a lvl12 cannon since the last post. There really is nothing left for me to do on this account except for defenses and walls. People always […]

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SinMini TH11 Journal (day 74)

Upgraded 1 lvl10 wall and 1 lvl11 wall (5mil total resources) Finally, today is the day: Maxed the GW after 74 days in TH11! Using him a few times today, suddenly my lvl7 loons become as good as lvl8 and I keep overkilling the bases I see. The improvement is just dramatic and insane. I will post some videos of […]

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Journal (TH10 day 92)

Upgraded 1 lvl10 wall and 3 lvl11 walls today (11mil total resources) Did another cannon upgrade, just so that I get a free builder in 2 days. I’m quite free today, so I have more time to raid and hopefully I can get much more resources tomorrow to dump loot. AQ waking up in 3 days, hope that I can […]

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Journal (TH10 day 91)

Upgraded 3 lvl10 walls and 1 lvl11 wall today (9mil total resources) Also not too productive farming these few days. Hope to have more time tomorrow so that I can barch the necessary DE required for AQ. Upgraded my 2nd last elixir collector today, can’t wait till I have more free builders to do these easy defenses. I expect, with […]