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Journal (TH10 day 89)

Upgraded 2 lvl10 and 2 lvl11 walls today (10mil total resources) Also nothing much here, used barch a bit with the pekka event today to get the free 30 gems. Forgotten to take a picture of my attack log though, so I apologise for that. My 1st barracks is now finally maxed, I’m upgrading the second one and it will […]

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Journal (TH10 day 88)

Upgraded 1 lvl10 wall and 3 lvl11 walls today (11mil total resources) Started AQ lvl 37 and I’m back to being broke DE-wise. No worries though as I will probably barch 2 days while my AQ sleeps so that I can easily afford the next level. I plan to upgrade haste in another 3 days and AQ in 7 days. […]

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Rushed Account defense log (11/2/2017)

Some people somehow still think that rushed defenses = massive loot loss. This is not the case however: I’m getting 3 starred at around a 1/3 rate, I don’t think that being maxed will help with the odds. Loot retention is still good and I have not lost DE except from the 3 stars, so I’m fine with that. People […]

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Journal (TH10 day 87)

Upgraded 2 lvl10 walls and 2 lvl11 walls today (8mil total resources) Started 2 upgrades today, 1 being an air defense to lvl3 and the other is poison spell in lab. I did poison because I didn’t want to have my lab completing around the time of AQ being completed. The storage cap is always annoying, at 200k for DE […]

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Journal (TH10 day 84)

Upgraded 2 lvl10 walls and 1 lvl11 wall today (7mil total resources) Abysmal wall progress because I’m focusing on finding DE on this account. I’ll be more free tomorrow so will go back to barching for a day, hope to get lots of farming done so that I don’t need to farm much on Friday. Upgraded a skeleton trap so […]

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SinMini TH11 Journal (day 63)

Upgraded 4 lvl10 walls and 1 lvl11 wall today (11mil total resources) Compared to my other account, this account is doing walls much slower because my upgrades are expensive and I tend to have 2 days between builders. So while my TH10 has done 300mil worth of wall upgrades, this account only managed around 200mil. Upgraded my newbie archer tower […]