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Journal (TH10 day 24)

Overslept 2 hours today 😦 Luckily I already farmed 7mil yesterday, so no stress to dump loot on walls again today. Going to start my dark barracks upgrade tomorrow, which explains the high amount of elixir I have. Resources are really easy to come by in TH10, casual farming the entire day and 6-9mil rolls in easily. For a TH10, […]

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Journal (TH10 day 23)

Lucky I made no mistake on this account today. My 3rd army camp is done today 🙂 My next plan for offense will be my dark barracks to unlock bowlers, however if I did that I’ll have a 3 day gap without any builders. That isn’t a good idea because it only takes 1 day for me to overflow, so […]

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Journal (TH10 day 22)

Farmed 30k DE within a span of a day, that’s good for me 🙂 Plan to max my DE storage before AQ wakes up, so that’s around 30k per day from now on. Planned to do xbow today, but after doing cost:benefit calculations, I found that upgrading the DE yet again beats out the xbow construction. Defenses are just so […]

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Journal (TH10 day 21)

Finally done with Archers lvl7 and I feel strong now. With archers shooting purple arrows, I’ve taken down bases for 50% on bases I previously could not. Just the slight difference has made archers a huge asset in my army, can’t wait for 240 space and barbs to join them. Clan castle is done and 35 space allows me to […]

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SinMini TH11 Journal (day 2)

Day 2 and I’ve started my new WT. Nothing much left to do today except farm for GW. As with AQ, GW is much more expensive in the initial levels and his cost becomes comically low after lvl5. Next upgrades: GW lvl3 > GW lvl4 > … >GW lvl20 WT lvl2 >WT lvl 3 > Cannon lvl6 > AT lvl5 […]

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Journal (TH10 day 19)

Instead of starting tesla as I intended yesterday, I’ll start my DE drill upgrade instead. I think it will boost my DE income much more and quicker than upgrading tesla for a minuscule amount of dps. My next upgrades will be Barb lvl7 and BK lvl21, gotta farm for the elixir now First time getting 3 starred: Lost to a […]