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Journal (TH10 day 39)

Merry Christmas everyone! 🙂 AQ finally going to 30 today 🙂 She’ll wake up at lvl30 on New Year’s day so that’s a great way to start the year. Finally have some space in my DE storage so time to fill it up, if I have the time and energy to farm on this. Also, my dark barracks will complete […]

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SinMini TH11 Journal (day 20)

Upgrading my new WT. New level on WT means that I will soon need to work on all of them, the old WT are still 2 levels away from cap and I hope that it will help protect me better. (Who am I kidding, they won’t) This account is mostly casual, my only concern is only to keep lab busy, […]

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Journal (TH10 day 38)

Another day of casual raiding. DE is overflowing and I just cannot remember that in my raids. I keep trying to zap DE drills despite having tons of DE already. Started construction of my new xbow and that completes all my new buildings in TH10. Once its done, I’ll move it into the core. Building xbows is worthwhile because it […]

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Main Account showcase (23/12/2016)

Upgraded AQ again 🙂 Spent 500+ gems to finish her and she’s down again. Currently 19 walls done, 31 to go. Used mostly laloonion today, DE is good but elixir is poor. That’s why I’ve only done 4 walls today instead of the usual 5. Farmed around 130k DE in the past 24 hrs. Plan to buy the Xmas super […]

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Journal (TH10 day 37)

With cheaper walls, I can do more walls with less farming so that’s good. Upgraded Zap spell in lab and started the construction of my 2nd bomb tower. Not sure what’s it going to do for me, but 24 dps does help (infernos are only 37 at lvl2 but they’re so op) Even with casual farming, my DE is overflowing. […]

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SinMini TH11 Journal (day 19)

Started BK upgrade to lvl27 today. DE going to overflow over the week Life is tough when you keep overflowing like that. Might use QW+bowlers, but don’t think they’ll be good without warden to protect against dgb and infernos. Boosted collectors across all my accounts, hoping to get more loot for doing nothing. This is why I keep saying to […]

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SinMini TH11 Journal (day 18)

DE flowing in easily with this account and I’m not really farming hard with this. Like my other account, I’ve started an Archer tower upgrade which will take 2 days. Low level upgrades make good time fillers so that I have a free builder every day. I’ll need to finish my gold storages before I can start my CC. That […]

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Journal (7 months)

7 months since I started my account. I’m already almost past the transition phase of TH10 to a mature TH10 now. Most players haven’t even finished TH8 by now, but now I already have 23/29 royals even before they got their lvl1 AQ. Rushing works, because we’re working on things that are important (troops, heroes) at the expense of things […]

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Journal (TH10 day 34)

Ah, the pleasures of playing a rushed account. With the new update going on, I need to spend more time on my main so I’ll need to sacrifice time elsewhere. With a rushed account, I can easily do many cheap upgrades on this and not worry about farming. People say rushing is for the hardcore player, I argue that it […]

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SinMini TH11 Journal (day 16)

Post update and we have a new, cleaner interface. I quite like this HUD. Allowed my free builder to work on a gold storage. I’ll need the 10mil capacity so that I can upgrade my CC. The additional spell is a game changer and I’ll want to have it asap. On my main, its easily done; on this, I probably […]

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SinMini TH11 Journal (day 15)

Left a free builder for this account. Going to do walls despite the price cut because the loot is going to go to waste if I don’t drop it into walls. And doing it this way makes it impossible for me to lose loot since I have nothing to lose. Update dropped before I type this out, going to showcase […]