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SinMini TH11 Journal (day 29)

Upgraded 2 lvl11 walls and 1 lvl10 wall today. Started an upgrade on my newest AT, it will take 3 days to complete. I chose it to upgrade mostly because the 3 day upgrade which allows me to have a free builder every day until I go to travel. Tomorrow is going to be pain, I plan to upgrade another […]

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SinMini TH11 Journal (day 28)

Upgraded my 3rd gold storage today, I’m about 9 days away from being able to upgrade my CC. I’ll be traveling by then 😦 Done 3 lvl11 walls today, farming elixir with DE is tough using storage armies. I’m probably going to switch to collector raiding pretty soon to keep up with demands or stop upgrading BK for a while. […]

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Journal (TH10 day 45)

Easy DE from farming drills whole day, the 1 gem boost allows me to quickly gain DE and elixir at the same time. Storage raiding can never compare because you need to decide one to farm then use twice to effort to farm the other one. So in 10 raids a collector farmer can get 3mil elixir + 30k DE, […]

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SinMini TH11 Journal (day 27)

Started another GW level and another BK level in these 2 days. Since I’m not tight on elixir nor DE so the next few days, I’m experimenting other army comps. Let’s just say storage raiding is extremely stupid. 1 fail can negate 3-4 wins, making it impossible to progress. The only times I progress in terms of elixir or DE […]

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Main Account showcase (29/12/2016)

Base: All 5 builders busy now, expecting to finish all defenses within the next 3 weeks. Notice something? AQ is upgrading again. Well, she’ll be max in another 7 days 🙂 The grinding will pay off then. Most people haven’t even have lvl42 AQ and I already will have maxed AQ. Due to my immense farming (and gemming time), I’m […]

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SinMini TH11 Journal (day 25)

Also another half day farming before I took this picture. I have nearly enough for the next grand warden level and he’s still almost 2 days away, and that’s after I dumped 8mil elixir into my walls this morning. Started another cheap upgrade today, WT going to lvl5. The low levels are cheap and worth much more than the higher […]

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Journal (TH10 day 43)

Done half day of farming already, enough loot for a few walls now. Started a gold mine today, because I want to follow the adage I usually give, offense > resources > defense. As seen with my defense log, I don’t need much more defenses, but more collector levels will certainly help me out more. Zap spell finally done in […]

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Builder management guide

This is my guide to teach readers how to manage your builders and maximise the amount of loot you can farm per day and minimise the total building time of all upgrades. NON MIN/MAXER GUIDE: The few lines below are for players who do not wish to progress the fastest but want to know a few basics. Always make sure […]

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SinMini TH11 Journal (day 23)

Started another gold storage and my newbie cannon today. Nothing much happening, same case with my other account, out with friends so could’ve progress much today. My next upgrade would be another 36 hrs away (that tiny cannon there) so not farming much is good because I can farm more tomorrow to make up the deficit of today. Since I […]

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Main Account showcase (26/12/2016)

This is what my base looked like this morning. 1 free builder for the new walls, both heroes down, cc upgrading and 1 wizard tower upgrading. For those who don’t have access to the new ivory walls, this is how it looks like: There is a line to blue text saying how many more walls can I build. So looking […]