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Journal (TH9 day 83)

After spending 83 days in TH9, this is what I’ve got to show for: This is why you want to rush, and build the account correctly. Most TH9s reach here in a year and spend another few months getting AQ to this stage. I will keep upgrading her until about 25 before I start the TH10 upgrade. Admittedly, I will […]

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Journal (TH9 day 82)

Picture taken on 16th Oct Just another day working on collectors and dumped all loot into walls. This is the right way of doing walls and heroes, not after finishing defenses but rather doing it all before starting defenses. Even with TH5/6 defenses, I’m still working on collectors exclusively because it would help me more. The only thing I’m cheating […]

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New army training time

Since my post in the SC forums got ungraciously merged and lost in the huge thread, I’ll post what I wrote here. Original post: After reading the sneak peaks, I thought that storage raids will become faster to train and might reach the level of collector farming. Hypothesis: storage raiding armies will train faster after this update Watching this […]