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My thoughts on the update

Having tried the new update for a few days, I’ll now comment on what I think about it. The meta before this update consisted of mainly 2 attacks: mass bowlers and mass miners with some variation on deployment, QW, spell choice etc. Before we begin, non-TH11 folks need to know that QW was already inferior to bowler walk and straight […]

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Journal (TH9 day 15)

Sorry for my week long absence, had an exam that I had to study hard for. I still played the game just didn’t update my blog. Now I’m back at it! This was a pic from 12th Aug, so 10 days ago. Started barb lvl6 upgrade and finally have 220 camp space. Imagine if I was a maxer, I’d still […]

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Journal (TH9 day 14)

Finally upgraded AQ to lvl9. Her next level will cost 50k and I’m 20k away with almost 4 days to go. Farming for AQ from 6-15 is a piece of cake because costs become cheaper and cheaper. Lab is coming free afterwards, probably going to do arch or barb lvl6. Lvl5 is terribly weak and unusable!