First day in TH8


Loot is quite easy to come by at TH8, and lvl5 barch means more loot than ever available to be taken. However, it takes a full fortnight to get those so I’ll need to rely on a TH7 army to survive. As you can see in this picture, I made a mistake of unlocking the new drill before upgrade my dark elixir storage. That’s not good because I need the new storage level to be able to unlock lvl7 and above BK. The drill may be good, but overflowing DE is wasted DE, so overall it has less effect compared to time used.


With just barch and my usual CC hogs, I’m able to make large gains on the loot I get. Defensive losses as expected, all 100%s with TH8 war armies, which I’m not even able to defend if I maxed TH7 anyways. DE is much better at this level, so staying in lower THs is stupid. There is no loot penalty at higher THs, the only loot penalty that exists is when you don’t upgrade your TH level.

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