Well, picture first. Rearranged my base into a TH8 DE protection base, which is actually useless because I’m basically defenseless. If you can see, I’m exclusively doing all my elixir upgrades first. The best defensive upgrade in TH8 are the new storages actually. If you can spread out your storages (instead of using a DE protection base), then many attackers will not be able to get the final pair of storages usually. So it confers a 25% loot protection because people can only take 2 pairs of storages and the TH.


Now, on to my attack log:


Pretty good and consistent loot compared to TH7, DE could’ve been better but I find TH8 better for DE even with TH7 troops and just hitting drills


I’m desecrating this base because of my weak defenses. Strange that even TH8s that hit me need to spend 20 or so giants or 2 golems just to wreck me. But loot loss is very manageable and I wouldn’t worry about it. A 100% destruction is actually very beneficial to me because of the 16 hr shield.

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