Well, another day and I’ve started my barracks upgrade. Barracks take so long that a rusher must keep one down forever to max them all in time. But once maxed, you’ll be lightyears ahead of maxers who stay in THs below.

Maxers always claim they reach a new TH running, but that’s because they actually slept a long portion of time before upgrading THs. While a rusher’s sprint initially and slow jog afterwards will always beat the maxer.


Now, on to loot


Finally looks like I’ve weaned off hog usage by alot. So now I need to find an FWA clan that accepts a rushed TH9


A small miracle occurred. Despite being tripled constantly, see how long it is between attacks. I’m attacked less than once every 12 hours, which means I’m shieldless for a while before someone decides to attack me. Despite being rushed, I’m not crushed all the time, because there are periods of time where I’m shieldless but safe. Compared to my TH10 and TH11 accounts who are maxed defenses but get creamed constantly

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