Realised that I need to work on BK, so I bought a 2 hr guard. That is the best boon a rusher has, farming for 2 hrs uninterrupted while not needing to constantly swipe the screen. My first rushed account was tough because a rusher was rarely sniped and there is no such thing as guards and shields are broken on the first attack.

With the Dec 2015 changes, rushing has actually become far easier with the new shield mechanics. Buying guard then boosting after guard ends is a main staple for many farmers in hardcore farming clans.


Of course, with underleveled war troops, how does one easily obtain DE in TH8? CC hogs of course


Easy 1-2k DE per raid, getting 10k DE over 2-3 hrs isn’t hard at all. Of course, if you have other troops maxed, you can use them too. But cc hogs/valks/bowlers are by far the easiest method to get DE.


Strangely enough, I wasn’t attacked at all overnight despite having capped gold and elixir. This eliminates the advantage maxers have that they claim they’re rarely attacked, which is false too. My TH10 who maxed TH9 defenses previously wasn’t protected the slightest even with maxed infernos now.


After 2 hrs hard farming, finally gotten the DE required to upgrade the bk. However, this has delayed my upgrade plans to TH9. So I plan to upgrade within the next 5 days or so. Stay tuned.

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