Finally started my upgrade to TH9! That’s a long stay in TH8 for me, as a result, I’ve wasted approximately 20-30mil elixir over the course of TH1-8 which is quite a large amount. DE is also quite bad at TH7/8, so I hope TH9 makes a large improvement for this.

After reaching TH9, I’ll display the amount of raids I did per day and the total loot I get with the calculation of loot per hr.


Looking at my base right now, I just started healers in lab and going to start BK to lvl10 in an hour. I actually forgotten that I wanted to upgrade TH this morning and only had 900k gold on hand, so I boost farmed and scrambled to get the 3mil and finally got it like 10 minutes after the builder was free, so no biggie.


The frantic farming for the town hall, the loot seems good but overall still pales in comparison to my TH10 account when you consider total DE and league bonus of G2 vs C2.


The loot losses seem painful, but look at the armies used, they’re all war armies and I highly doubt I’ll be able to defend against them whatever playstyle I use within 57 days of starting the game.

Stayed tuned! Will reach TH9 at 67 days of starting the game

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