Farming for DE and gold today. Just thought it’ll be nice to have 80k on hand when I reach TH9 so that I can do 3 levels of AQ right off the bat. Will stop using hogs for farming DE soon I think, because they’re really not worth their weight now. But my TH10 account is unlocking lvl7 giants so that I can donate the new lvl8 giants to this account



DE not too bad, but I feel can be better. TH10s have it easy, because DE is a byproduct of farming gold. That’s the thing that most TH9 don’t understand. I always say loot in TH10 is better, because you can farm all your loot in one go. TH9s need to sacrifice elixir for DE and then sacrifice DE profits for elixir.


Miraculously managed to protect my DE twice in these 2 days. This is the advantage of being rushed, because you’re more likely hit by weaker attackers, note that the fails are TH7 attacks while the one that got my loot is a TH9

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