Dumped away all my gold into walls. Standing at 80 or so skulls, I think I’m in a “good spot”. Finally building my 3rd tesla, defended well even without it.

The first 3 levels of AQ are 40k, 22.5k, 25k. A total of 87.5k, so I think I’ll want to bring 80k over from TH8 so that I can work on her asap. Despite being rushed, I can still retain and obtain DE quite well. Its crazy that some people think that defenses have any impact at all on how much you can loot.



Simple barch, sometimes with a few hogs is all that is needed to loot. One doesn’t need crazy expensive armies to get good DE. Some fools will still insist on using mass miners to farm DE in TH10, to them, I give my middle finger.


Despite being rushed, I’m still getting hit by TH9s or TH8 war armies. Which means maxing makes zero difference, because you’ll still get crushed if you’re hit by those armies. Even managed to protect my DE from that giwiz TH8 comp

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