Half a day to go before I reach TH9! I’m all prepared, got all the loot needed. I know loot will be good in TH9, so that doesn’t worry me. Now I just need to go through the mental barrier of starting the hero grind again.

One must remember, the hero grind starts when AQ is first obtained and only ends when all heroes are maxed. Never rest in between, always keep a hero down. This is why I firmly believe war in TH9 is pointless, because one should be upgrading heroes or warring without heroes. Yet I see tons of players having 30/30 royals thrashing bases, claiming it is skillful. TH9 war is fun because its easy, not because it takes skill.


Then we have idiots like this one, who is reluctant to start the hero grind and wants to try so hard to max skulls in TH8.



Delicious loot with a partial army, his huge defense was rewarded with 20 cups and loss of 400k elixir.

Next post will be TH9 🙂

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