Well, another decent day of farming. At this rate I might not be able to keep BK down, need to spend a little more time on this account. Strange that I can farm up 100k DE per day in my main but can’t be bothered to farm 30k for this.

Upgraded a wizard tower today, finally moving on to TH7 level defenses. Its mainly done to make sure I have a free builder 3 days later. A part of builder management is to have free builders every day if possible or at least every other day, so that I can farm as much as I can before my loot overflows

Also started Lightning spell lvl5 in my lab, I’m seeing promising results on lvl4 so lvl5 should work a little better. After that I’ll continue working on my main troops, minions and wallbreakers before I max laloon.

Currently laloon is really strong and I advise all rushers to work on that as your primary war strategy and secondary farming strategy. That means lvl5 loons for TH8, lvl6 loons + lvl2 hounds for TH9 and lvl3 hounds for TH10


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