This is my guide to teach readers how to manage your builders and maximise the amount of loot you can farm per day and minimise the total building time of all upgrades.


The few lines below are for players who do not wish to progress the fastest but want to know a few basics.

  1. Always make sure you have at least one hero upgrading
  2. Try your best to keep each individual builder 2-3 apart. Eg. Today (Thursday) a builder will come free, Saturday another will come free, Sunday another will come free, next Tuesdays another will come free, next Thursday another will come free.
  3. Always have loot to dump when you have a builder coming free. So if today I want to upgrade a Wizard tower, I’ll save the gold required and dump all excess gold and all my elixir into walls before I start my wizard tower



First thing you must understand is that SC is selling you time. Gems speed up upgrades to cut short their time and get the resources so that you can save time farming. So in essence, time is the most important resource of all, much more important than gold, elixir and DE. Logic tells us that if you want your builders to be the fastest, you need to always keep your builder busy and never have a free builder. That would be true if walls did not exist.

There are 2 conflicting things you need to remember:

  1. Having a free builder means that you can farm as much as you want but you’ll be slowing down your overall progress
  2. Having all builders working means that you can have the fastest growth but you’ll not be able to farm as much as you like.

Ideally you’ll want the best of both worlds and its quite possible to do so.

Firstly, you’ll want to know how much you farm per day on average. Keep track of how much you farm, and get that average. Can you farm at least 4-5mil per day everyday? If so, keeping a free builder is wise and an overall better choice. Leaving a builder free means that you can farm however much you like, 7mil per day isn’t a problem as long as you have somewhere to dump to loot. If you don’t have a free builder, you can only farm 4mil per day as a TH9 or TH10 because your loot will overflow.

If you can’t farm that much, then keep all builders working on your buildings. Remember that you can farm much more than what the building costs and dump the remainder into walls. Eg. If your next planned upgrade is a wizard tower which costs 7mil, you can farm 7mil gold and 7mil elixir. Drop the 7mil elixir into 1 lvl10 wall and 2 lvl9 walls to upgrade them before upgrading the wizard tower.

How to space builders?

This is an important topic and something everyone who farms much know, how to space builders. This means how much time between upgrades should each builder be.

Its best to have builders 2-3 days apart from each other so that you can accumulate the loot necessary for the upgrades and that you will not overflow with loot. You also don’t want builders to complete their upgrades on the same day because that way it is harder to work on both upgrades at the same time and you cannot dump as much loot into walls as you like.

If you have a free builder, then this is not necessary. You can have builders as many days apart as you like, as long as the builders don’t finish their upgrades on the same day.

Eg. I have 3 builders. I have an upgrade that finishes today, one that finishes tomorrow and another one that finishes 4 days later. Once I get my builder today, I want to start another upgrade, I should start an upgrade that finishes in 2 days or 3 days. This is because I already have a builder coming free tomorrow, so no point in doing a 1 day upgrade; I also have a builder coming free 4 days later, so I should not start a 4 day upgrade today. If I have an upgrade that takes more than 4 days, I can start it as long as I do a 1 or 2 day upgrade tomorrow.

  • Example again, I start a 7 day upgrade today. So when I get my builder tomorrow, I should start a 1 day or 2 day upgrade so that I get a free builder before that 4 day upgrade finishes. I do this to prevent myself from overflowing my storages.

What if I have a free builder?

This is the interesting part of the guide. If you have a free builder, you will not need to do any of the steps above, making your life much easier. You want to fully utilise the builder although he is idle. The best thing is to start an upgrade a day before you get another builder

Eg. I have 4 builders, 1 is free and only does walls. One builder will come free tomorrow, the second one will come free in 7 days, the third one will come free in 11 days. Since I have a free builder, I can start my upgrade today instead of tomorrow. So I can start any upgrade as long as it is not a 7 day or 11 day upgrade because that will overlap with the other builders. Using my free builder, I start a 9 day upgrade. When tomorrow comes, my first working builder will now become my free builder to continue working on walls

This obviously won’t work on heroes because you cannot start the next hero upgrade before it is completed, so plan a little ahead for heroes. Your free builder will continue be free as you wait the upgrade for the hero to complete.

Hope this guide is clear and concise, I’ll upload a few pictures afterwards to illustrate this guide.
Any comments or anything you want to clarify, please comment below 🙂




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