Happy new year everyone! Hope you all have a great year ahead, in clash and in life

Woke up early this year to greet this:


Lvl 30 AQ waking up! Too bad don’t get to use her, upgraded her to lvl31 immediately. I’m too used to using a lvl40 AQ, anything below feels quite bad to me so I will need to keep her down for another 10 weeks


Base looking good, done 3 lvl11 walls and 1 lvl10 wall today (total 11mil loot). Rushing means that I get to do walls much faster because I don’t need to spend a lot of gold in my upgrades so that most of it ends up in my walls.

Attack log:


Loot looking good today, some boosting and some casual farming. Maxed barch is really powerful so its easy to get the star. Trying out skeleton spells but not looking too good with the results

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