Time skip, day 49 to day 58 instantly 🙂

I was able to keep my builders busy all the time while I was in taiwan. Easily done because I have so many rushed defenses to do and collectors to catch up on. As I said before I left, this is a great advantage that rushers have so we can take breaks and not impact our progress at all.

Started a cannon and elixir collector today, it will take me another 44 days or so to max all my collectors.

Plan to upgrade wb tomorrow in lab so I need to save up a total of 6.75mil elixir for that, we’ll see how it goes. AQ waking in 2 days and I need 67k DE more to upgrade her, should not be a problem because I have time to farm while I rest from my travels 🙂



  1. Care to take a look and suggest what all I need to do before going to TH9? My buildings are in good shape IMO its mostly my research that is FUBAR. I have only been at TH8 for about 16 days and I had a few researches that I wanted to catch up on before starting L5 barch. In 2 days I will start on barbs. My thought for research priority is barb, arch, gob, loon, giant, wiz. Doubt I make it that far before upgrading though.

    For buildings, I have been keeping 1 barrack down at a time and will start my 3rd one in 2 days, so thats 14 days worth of barracks left. For dark, one hits L4 today and the other is already working on 3 so thats solid. My storages and drills are done. BK is up to 8 and most of the way saved for 9. My walls are behind, but its honestly because I don’t have to do much raiding to keep my builders and research running. I try to keep my storages empty so I dont lose much and have to re-farm it. However, since I am about to run out of elixer based upgrades, I might start making better armies so I can quickly farm DE and gold for walls.

    My thoughts are I can start my TH upgrade soon but just wanted to get your feedback.


    (also, I managed to get this account into my FWA clan, so the free loot has helped out a ton and part of my lack of farming)


    • Everything looks in order except troops. The absolute minimum would be barb, arch and I recommend giants and wb as well.

      I think I’ve highlighted this in my TH8 guide, but you can overlap your troop upgrades with your TH and lab upgrade. TH takes 10 days to upgrade, so you can actually put 2 troops in lab before your TH completes. Lab takes 5 days so you can put a troop in lab before upgrading it and both the lab and the troop would be done at the same time.

      After you finished upgrading barbs, you can start your TH upgrade and upgrade arch. Upgrade giants 5 days later and upgrade wb before you start your lab upgrade


  2. Yeah, I was factoring the TH upgrade time in to my planning. I had wondered if research ran while the building was upgrading so thanks for confirming that. I must have missed it in the guide.

    Seems like we are on pretty much the same page. A week until I start the upgrade!


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