Start an archer tower today because I want a free builder 2 days later. Back from vacation and my builders are now doing what they’re planned to do.

2 builders on collectors

1 builder on hero

1 builder on drills then barracks

1 builder as filler so I get a free builder every day

Gotten >40k DE today so I just need another 20k for AQ tomorrow morning, so just another day of casual farming


Attack logs:


This is the sort of loot I’ve been talking about C1. Really decent DE and good resources all round. The problem is just that its much harder to win raids so I depend a bit on heroes or cc.

A new TH10 should stay in C2-3 until their barch is maxed then strive to be in C1-M3


  1. Been following your blog for a while, after some of your forum posts. Just took some courage and hit update on my th10 to “rush” for th11. As a farmer (not interested in wars) with 30/35 heroes and no elixir upgrades left I was wasting my time upgrading defenses past th9 (infernos are already 3). Looking forward to have GW and EA maxed while I upgrade my heroes. Could you do a guide to early th11, what should I upgrade and what is not priority? Thanks


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