Upgraded 2 lvl10 walls and 4 lvl11 walls today.

Continued upgrading my gold mine today. I have now completed 5 collectors to lvl11, 2 more to go before I start their final levels. Fought back to c1 today and loot is pretty good, having the BK here helps a ton.

I always tell people to upgrade AQ first because BK really doesn’t do much in farming. Having lvl15 and lvl40 is about the same if you’re just collector farming. If you’re storage raiding, a lvl15 BK is adequate as long as you have a lvl20 GW while having a lvl45 BK with no GW is considerably weaker


Attack log:


Using a joke comp with golems before going back to barch. Loot is really good at C1 as long as you can maintain it here. This is real loot a TH10 can farm and it blows TH9 completely out the water.

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