Upgraded 1 lvl9 wall and 4 lvl10 walls today. I’ve completed my lego walls 🙂 Felt that I didn’t need the loot dump anymore, so I finished up all my lvl8 walls previously after coming back from Taiwan.

Upgraded another elixir collector today and I’m 39 days away from maxing them all (gold mines will take 41 days). It’ll be good for me when I start my semester again with full maxed passive income so that I really do not need to farm much to keep my builders busy.

According to my tracker, I am 330 days away from maxing TH10 and I will require another 1620mil resources to max everything in my base. That equates to 5mil resources or 2.5mil gold + 2.5mil elixir required per day for the next year or so to fully max my base. Who says rushing is hardcore? Farming that small amount is nowhere near hardcore but its all I need to max my base.



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