First time being in Masters for this account!


And got my gems 🙂


Now I have 4k gems and not too sure where to spend them. The best uses of gems are boosting barracks, speeding up hero time and speeding up lab time. I might speed up a lab upgrade or two and maybe skip the wait time of AQ when she reaches 40. However if I can wait, then skipping the wait time of GW seems the most worth it to me.

Upgraded 4 lvl11 walls today (12mil total resources)



Started the upgrade of another WT so that I can have a free builder in 4 days. AQ wakes in another 2 days so I have to tolerate having full DE storages until then. I plan to upgrade hounds in lab after wb just to spend away my DE.

My next few lab upgrades are planned to be: Hound lvl3 > minions lvl3,4,5 > Haste lvl2,3. These will take another 7-8 weeks so hopefully SC doesn’t nerf it by then.

Attack log:


Loot seems decent using this sort of army. Still doesn’t compare with barch but I don’t mind being inefficient if it doesn’t slow me down. I don’t need DE for because its capped and I don’t need extra elixir because my walls will definitely max before my buildings.



  1. What spells do you recommend for Barch at TH10? Is using Heal or Rage even worth, or should I just take Lightning’s to snipe collectors? I’m planning to upgrade from TH9 soon, so I don’t know if I’ll be able to upgrade BK and AQ constantly. But, I guess we can assume that at least AQ will constantly be upgraded.


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