Upgraded 3 lvl10 walls and 1 lvl11 wall today (9mil total resources)

Started the upgrade of my first lvl12 collector to max. Now its just a small slog of 35 days left to having maxed elixir pumps (37 days for gold mines). After that, I can start focusing on upgrading defense.

I’m really not too sure when I want to upgrade my TH. Around May to July is a decent time but I’ll be taking a professional exam in November. But if I upgrade in Nov, I’ll be nearly maxed TH10 which defeats the purpose of the journal. I’ll see how my exams and semester pans out after I start my semester this 1st Feb, but tentatively I plan to upgrade to TH11 around June this year.


This is the greatest boon for the semi-casual/hardcore player:


The 2 hr guard costing 10 gems can allow you to have some real life and ease of mind that you will not be attacked for the next 4-7 attacks. This will make it possible for someone to farm while doing other things in life and not worry about losing too much resources.

I use it infrequently when I’m busy and still wish to raid. It allows me to play much more casually and still progress at nearly the speed of when I am hardcore



  1. I don’t mind losing max loot every raid as long as i get a shield
    It goes like this;
    Lets say on avg u get 14h shield
    U now can attack (14-3-4-5=12).
    U can do 4 full attacks (+1 on gaurd) and have 2 hours additional time for army to be ready/do whatever.
    That is the thing about miners for farming de, i don’t have to wait for outside collectors base i juat attack whoever i get +3k de from (i don’t care much about walls really although all are 9 with some level 10)
    I don’t care if i got attacked, no need to stay online while army is getting ready, i will gwt the loot back in one raid and gain additional 4 raids with the peace of mind that no one will attack me


  2. me too, i focus on DE raids. Gold can wait later. The heroes need to be done first. After that, you can focus on walls. If you try and grind walls the same time as heroes, then what would you do after the heroes are done? You will max your walls so early, you will probably have nothing to do later when you are doing the final upgrades on defenses. barch without spells struggle on the deep walled drills, even if the base is dead.


    • You see, I like completing things fast and efficiently. I hate farming twice the amount for the same thing, if I can finish walls and heroes together then it takes me half as many raids to complete both as someone who farms them separately.

      Zap spells, takes out drills regardless of where they are or what levels the defender has


      • True but ucould burn out
        The thing about miners is u can farm casually and don’t need to be as picky
        U spread the farm over the whole term
        Ofc as.for u u get busy when school starts so barching is better
        It is all about how patient u r


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