Upgraded 2 lvl11 walls and 3 lvl10 walls today (total 12mil resources)

AQ down again! She’s now 7 weeks to max and she will still need 1.05mil DE to max. This is why TH9s thinking they have it hard (30 levels of AQ) is nonsense, because those 30 levels only cost as much as the next 10 levels. AQ lvl1 to lvl30 costs as much as lvl31 to lvl40, so TH10 actually has it harder because there is less time to farm the same amount of resources. Luckily TH10 has at least 50% more DE income than TH9 which makes up for it quite a bit.

I have 41 days left to farm for AQ and I need to farm 25k DE per day, it doesn’t sound too hard so I will be able to max AQ on schedule then play considerably more casually after that.

Did a few barch for recording purposes then realised that barch took almost 30min to cook with 3 barracks, while laloon takes 33min. Today I’ll continue to casually laloon, but the DE income is abysmal so far so will grit my teeth and continue barching tomorrow.


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