Upgraded 1 lvl10 wall and 4 lvl11 walls (total 14mil resources)

Upgraded hound lvl3 today, so I need to replenish my DE so that AQ can be continually upgraded. At TH10, DE troop upgrades are still reasonably well priced so it is not hard to overlap troop and hero upgrades. This changes at TH11 where all upgrades are >120k DE and many 150-200k upgrades.

Upgraded my final cannon to lvl7 so all my defenses are now >1 day upgrade time. It will be slightly harder now time upgrades to have a free builder every day. Fortunately, all my traps take 1 day or less so I can still have a free builder every by upgrading some traps while doing other upgrades.

Defenses are now TH6/7 level, I’m not sure if I should be proud of that.


But I’m proud of this defense log:


A good laloon will surely 3 star me, but look at the other defenses. Good loot protection and people cannot really touch me due to infernos


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