Upgraded 3 lvl10 walls and 1 lvl11 wall today (9mil total resources)

Upgraded my 3rd WT to lvl4 so I’m closer to maxed TH7 defenses. With only 1 builder on defenses, it will take me a long time before they are on par. But with my excellent defense log, it really doesn’t matter what my defenses look like.

Laloon is a good casual army, but as you may have noticed in my recent journals, I’m doing far less walls per day than when I was doing simple barching. Honestly, the only thing you need to farm for are walls and heroes, everything else besides that is can be easily doable with inefficient storage raids.

I owe the recent usage of loons due to the buff to loons. When offense is strong, storage raiding makes a good alternative. But when all offense troops are nerfed, good old barch is far better. Just like the old miners made storage raiding viable again, the new loons are making them possible to farm loot. I’m just scared that loons will be ultimately nerfed because of the pushers, so we’re back at the dark ages and back to using barch.


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