Upgraded 1 lvl10 wall and 3 lvl11 walls (11mil total resources)

DE capped on this account as well and its quite unfortunate. This is the consequence of me upgrading 1 hero at a time, but I’ll just deal with it. There are people who say “you can always overlap and have AQ awake at certain times, so that you ultimately max both heroes quicker”.

The thing is, there are worthwhile upgrades and not worthwhile upgrades. A lvl45 bk is nice to have, but in war/farming/pushing, a lvl20-30 bk is about the same strength and feel. A lvl45 aq however, is vastly different and stronger than a lvl20-30 aq, that’s why I always upgrade her. The thing is, even when going against fully maxed enemies, a lvl20 and a lvl45 BK will not make significant difference in a raid most of the time, while a maxed AQ is always better than a lvl30-40 AQ.

Started a gold mine today. These upgrades are really cheap and will help me a ton when I’m far more busy in my studies afterwards.


Defense log:


Many people don’t know how to funnel and fail to get most of my loot. This is the type of players I tend to attract to hit my base. Unfortunately, most maxers simply refuse to visit my blog and see my defense logs for themselves. This means that many narrow-minded players still think that rushed defenses = wrecked which is simply untrue.



  1. Right on about defense as usual. The thing that you have noted that always sticks out is that the weak defenses often draw in crappy players to attack. So they send in giants and wizards and totally barf on crows. But usually get enough to earn a nice shield but not get wrecked. Whereas with good defenses, one doesn’t get hit quite as much but often when they do, it’s by someone skilled enough to do real damage.


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