Upgraded 2 lvl11 walls today (6mil total resources)

Did some really slight farming today, but its enough to keep builders going. Upgraded my last WT to lvl4 (TH7 level) so that I have a free builder in 3 days.

AQ and lab will finish on the same day, that means I need 170k + 20k (AQ+minion) in another 4 days. That is approximately 20k DE per day, sounds very easy during the holidays but much more daunting with a busy schedule.

Luckily I wake around 4-5am every day (no alarm clock) and classes/ward work, doesn’t start until 8am. So I have 2 solid hrs of farming every day, which is usually enough for all my needs if I barch. Better quit this laloon army soon if I want to keep builder busy more easily



  1. Lost the Track of your Main Account… When is the next Main Account Showcase comming?.
    BTW,I have reached TH9 with both my mini (Rush) and Main(Building 8.5). Amd I see that my mini is progressing faster then my main. I am still a kid so I can’t spend on game like you do so I lack a bit behind.(I started Rushing when you were TH9 with 13AQ)


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